Tuesday, August 16, 2011

“You is smart, you is kind, you is important.”

Tuesday. I have to be honest and say I am NOT having a good last 12 hours... I did NOT sleep well, work is annoying me, and I'm not feeling too good about myself today. You ever just have one of those days? (cue 1995 Monica song) Monica~ Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days). I went to bed pretty disturbed, slept disturbingly (whatever little bit of sleep I got) and woke up just as disturbed. I still have stupid hair, the J guy isn't being his usual awesome self, and Kai has been driving me crazy. It's all fun and games, til Tamika goes CRAZY! Gnarls Barkley~Crazy Often when the I feel the whole world is against me, I try to self reflect and check myself... most often it is ME that has the problem. Today I am not so certain about that. There is a conspiracy going on where everyone is trying to push my buttons. Idk how you all got in on it, but its not cool and I don't like it AT ALL! I'm just minding my business, and everyone is picking fights with me. Then when I fight back... its not all good anymore. I think we've covered this base, right? I am sweet and silent and serene until you ruffle the calm, then its on and POPPING (all fight)! Brooke Valentine~ Girlfight  (this song is funny). Now, don't get mad when my guns are bigger than yours. Or you didn't intend to take it there. That's not my fault! (was gonna upload Silkk the Shocker and Mystikal's "It Ain't My Fault" right here, but after listening... that song is horrible!) 
My dad, (didn't teach me very much but) he taught me: "We were even til you started picking with me (both fine and unbothered). Then you wanted to be one up and started poking at me? What did you expect me to do, just poke you back? No! you don't wanna be even, remember? Now I'm gonna one up you and punch you in the face!" How you even gonna be mad, you shoulda left us even! (this is what Kirk L. Keys used to teach me... foolishness, right? well it stuck!) And that's just how I'm feeling today (so sad after the "Jesus in my heart" message from yesterday, smh). Shame on me! I need to get these emotions together and you either need to love me or leave me ALONE!
I don't want to cover the blog challenge today, it wouldn't go well. Bobby Brown~ My Prerogative When I am in a mood, I like to keep my talking (and my opinions) to a minimum. I struggle to control the sarcasm and negative tone when something else is bothering me. So I am going to motivate myself today, bask in my awesomeness (even if others don't agree), accept that I am a work in progress, and love me today and every day hereafter!  Beyoncé ~ Me, Myself & I

“You is smart, you is kind, you is important.” 

Yes I is! That's my (not so) peace...

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  1. I was torn about adding Chris Brown's "On & Poppin" but it didnt really match the topic (although I did use the term "on & poppin").
    I also wanted to add Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" song in the last paragraph, but that'd just prob be innapropriate and again not match the topic ;)