Monday, August 15, 2011

The Boob Tube

Happy Friday! whoop, whoop!!! Oh how I love Fridays, Oh how I love Fridays...♫ (maybe I shouldn't replace "Jesus" in a song... my bad) But I do love Fridays, not as much as Jesus but... :) HEY YA'LL!!! The blog challenge for today: A TV Show You are currently Addicted to??? Hmmm, that's easy. I'm not ADDICTED to any TV show. I barely get any TV time in and Idk how you guys watch as much TV as you do. DVR, maybe? I don't have that luxury though so... Maybe I don't have enough free time or something. When are you guys watching TV? at night? after work? the weekends? Maybe because my love language is quality time, when I do have free time I just want to spend it talking to the J guy. And every other moment of the day is accounted for by errands, kids, dinner, driving... When I do catch some TV (I have to seriously sit here and think about what I like to watch), give me a minute please...

I do like Jeopardy, but I haven't seen it in a WHILE

This should not be as hard as it was... but I have come up with some TV shows I love to watch!
Yay me...
Modern Family is hilarious! I love this show. If you're not watching it... get with the program (literally)!!!

The Game... I love love love this show (before)! I wish it were back how it used to be... It really just isn't the same on BET but I am still a faithful and loyal watcher. And I continue to watch as long as they are on the air. Sadly there are not enough good "black" shows these days. So when we get one, we have to support it! 

Maybe because I was 16 and pregnant.... you think?

16 & Pregnant~ I've heard people say this shows glorifies teen pregnancy and it shouldn't be on TV. But, I think the otherwise...  the series highlights the difficulties associated with being pregnant and becoming a young mother. I like it!

Maybe because I was a Teen Mom... maybe?

Of course we need to know what happens after 16 & Pregnant... Teen Mom! I really just want to know how baby Bentley (I think this name is so cute, in a funny way) is coming along. LOL! Poor Amber and baby Leah, smh.

  Shows I miss... :(

Where would Black television be without The Cosby Show? What would we have to aspire to? The Cosby Show is serious!!!!! I often let Kai stay up to watch the re runs on TV... our children need to know that black TV wasn't always some crap. This is the best of the best... dad's a doctor, mom's a lawyer and they're BLACK! So many memorable moments... there are no words. Black TV hasn't gotten it right forreal since!

Except for maybe with this show... A Different World!
 Who didn't love this show?? I still watch it at 6:00 pm on weekdays, TV One! I sooo love this show, and I was sad to see it go. The episode when Dwayne's yells "baby please!" when he's trying to stop Whitley from marrying Byron Douglas (one of my favorite episodes), oh I could go on forever!

Girlfriends~ "My Girrrrrlfriends, there through thick and then. My girlfriends (myyyy girlfriends) there for anything... my girlfriends!" Such a good show about black women :) being friends. Of course they had their moments, but it was not drama, drama, drama! The show was funny and entertaining. I miss Joan, Mya, Lynn and Toni... and of course William! I look forward to catching Tracy Ellis Ross in her new show with Cosby Show's Malcolm Jamal Warner on BET this fall!

The Wire! I spent one summer watching this whole series on Netflix... I didn't have HBO when this show actually aired. Thank God for Netflix! I actually glad I got to watch it all at once instead of waiting each week in anticipation. This show was AWESOME!!! I could watch the whole series again and again... this show may be actually close to my heart because this is how the J guy and I spent our time when we were still new. The Wire + the J guy = good old fashioned HAPPINESS! I would be remissed if I did not mention my boo Idris... (hopefully the J guy does not read this, he does not appreciate my affection towards Drisy boo!) And Wood Harris whom I've loved since Paid in Full and Remember the Titans... One show, both my honey, guns, drugs, suspense... I was in cable TV HEAVEN!

I'm so late with this post... my bad! Friday morning was hectic. But, this was my peace...

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