Thursday, August 25, 2011

And the Survey Says... Irritating

Good morning (hardly morning anymore) guys and dolls! It's Thursday, whoop whoop! Just one more day... *sighs*. I've got nothing really today (well I've got something but I don't want to vent on it right now) so I am going to resume with the blog challenge: What are five things that IRRITATE you about the opposite sex? Same Sex? Well, at first I was thinking... only 5?! I've got one brewing at the top of my mind right now, but I dont want to particularly touch on that one, he means well! lol... So instead, let's play survey says... yay?
If only you guys would cooperate. Ok, not many responses from you all, so don't be venting to me how he/she irritated you LATER! I don't even wanna hear it... You wanna know what irritated me yesterday? (The J guy!) but I wont go into that. (haha) thought you were gonna get some J guy dirt, didn't you? Well that's not how I roll. I was pretty irritated with him yesterday though. I bet he doesn't even know why either... (and here begins my list)

  1. Why are they so oblivious? Are they ever paying attention to anything that's going on around them? I don't want to go so far as calling them stupid, but... (ok that isn't nice). But really, are they stupid? No, let's just call it clueless. But how do they function like that? WHY DON'T YOU GET IT? They seem to never understand why we women feel the way we do. Our emotions (sometimes) aren't from left field! You did something to provoke it, but of course... you're oblivious to it! No idea. And what's worse? Sometimes you don't even realize the mood change until a silent treatment or exasperated sigh from us finally (if ever) gets your attention. It's just irritating
  2. Insensitive: they just are! Consider my feelings dork! #thatisall
  3. Insecure: I'm with you, aren't I? I was attracted to your confidence. Now that we're together, how come you're so insecure? You got me... own it, know it, live it! And never doubt or question it again, ok? Thanks
  4. You're not listening to me? That J guy tends to listen very well, unless I'm not talking to him. (lol) no, really. If there is a conversation going on around you, why not be somewhat tuned into it? I can make plans sitting right next to him (but be talking to someone else), then when I am about to carry out those plans he looks at me "oblivious" (back to that, I see). But you were right there! How could you have missed that? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe us women are just so nosy that we don't miss things going on around us... maybe!
  5. Stubborn/prideful: Why I gotta give in first for us to make up? Why you get in your feelings when I reach to give you money at the register? (I know you got it boo) I'm only trying to help and speed the process along. I only offer it cause I know you got me! CHILL, k? And why you cant do what I ask when I ask you to do it? I'm not asking for a hint of hope in the future. Nah, I kinda meant now! (thanks)
Thanks to my friends who contributed to the peace! Along with the top five, there were others... and the surveys says:
  1. immature
  2. Selective hearing (I guess similar to not listening)
  3. lying
  4. showing off (playing big)
  5. being unfair
  6. cocky attitudes

What can I say? Women are perfect creatures (most of us). lol... ok, I know that's a ridiculous statement to make. I am almost ashamed to post the thoughts that are coming to mind as I scan my brain at the IRRITATING qualities of women. But truth is truth. And the survey says:
  1. It's sad how desperate women can be. Women do some of the dumbest things in the name of having a man/boyfriend/husband/even friendships with other women... I am especially peeved by the thirsty (seemingly motherless) girls in clubs. Respect yourself.. geesh! Desperation could be the driving force to all the other irritating qualities, quite possibly. Maybe it isn't meant for you to have that particular guy or any guy for that matter.  Take note: if it were meant to be there would be no need for you to be so.... (takes me to #2)
  2. Manipulative: You should not have to lie and scheme to get your way. If it's yours (or meant to be yours), you won't have to crawl through the dust and mud to get it. Get off the ground you...
  3. Immature loser! Just cause you don't get your way doesn't mean, do immature, vengeful things to get back at him. Why are you playing on his phone? or calling his real girlfriend? That's petty and very immature. Ok, let's say he is your real boyfriend and he does something to make you mad, don't be juvenile and plot your next "get back" move... real women don't do that! Now if he did some real dirt and you need a friend to "ride out" and handle it, I know some folk!
  4. Why are you so angry? #smile No one wants to deal with a b*&#%!!!! I'm sure its not ALWAYS that bad. Fix your face and smile!  Kirk Franklin~ I Smile "you look so much better when you smile."
  5. Know your value! You are beautiful, wonderful, special and worth a lot! Don't let some man degrade you and treat you like anything less than the best. Being a woman is already tough cookies! You already have enough going on dealing with pressures of being thin enough, pretty enough, dressing a certain way, taking care of home, children, work, having to compare and live up to the (phony, airbrushed) Hollywood standard of beauty... forget what they think! (all of them, whoever they are!) You are who you are, love yourself and be yourself. If you spent more time loving yourself, you wouldn't have any time left to be desperate, manipulative, immature and angry!
Are there any key ones I missed? Not enough man friends chimed in to my question for me to get a full "and the survey says" list for the ladies... it's cause we're PERFECT! (lol)

Hope everyone is able to enjoy this cloudy, rainy, Irene invaded day... I'm gonna ask the J guy to give me some things that irritate him about the opposite sex. (this should be interesting). I'll keep you updated and until then... that's my peace! MUAH!

Wyclef Jean feat Claudette Ortiz~ Two Wrongs

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