Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey there, it's another Wednesday (that's just how it's been going lately) ... I've missed you guys but I haven't known what to talk about with you. I want to start off letting you know that Girl's Night In was amazing (I didnt take any pics at all but the other ladies did). All the ladies had an awesome time (so I was told). Good times, good friends and good food! Not so much my experimental baked goods... I dont even want to talk about it! I didnt even eat them but neither did anyone else, so... I get the hint! I believe the mini apple pies were good, but I didnt have enough appetite to thoroughly give them a chance. I may try those again, but the sugar cookies with the hershey kiss inside... never again! Other than that, all went well! Everyone was happy and had a good time. Suggestion: Play the game "I've Never..." with your friends. It's a real ice breaker.
Scary: I'm still "reading" Little Bee by Chris Cleave and by "reading" I mean carrying it in my purse... lol

And a Happy "Hallelujah It's Friday" to you! I promise to come back Monday with a better attitude than this past week. Please don't hold me to it though...

I suck, I know! But I am really doing my best. I wish you all a happy dappy weekend!

That's (barely a piece of) my peace!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

is it Friday yet?

Thursday? Sweet Thursday, could you bring your friend Friday please? Almost just isn't good enough this week. I NEED the weekend in a hurry... and idk why I'm trying to rush it, I'll just be busy. But I need the peace the weekend brings. Even though, most likely, I'll still be up at the crack of my mama's bum! But at least I'll have the choice... *sigh*
I get to see my sister this weekend again... yay me! And most of my favorite people.. .Yay me again! All cozy, in the house, eating good eats. If all goes as planned, everyone will bring a dish. And seeing how one of my closest friends is Guyanese, who knows? I may get some jerk chicken or some oxtails this weekend... we'll see. I'll try to remember to take some pics of all the delightful eats so you can feel a part of it all :) Hopefully, my digestive system can handle what the others bring... I'm a wuss when it comes to food, nothing too foreign. What can I say? I am an all American girl! Give me a burger and some fries! I am really looking forward to the J's wing contribution ;)... isn't he the best! Knowing I have a full plate and a busy schedule, he is right there lending a helping hand. That's why I keep him, even though I really think he's secretly hoping for an invitation to Girl's Night In. Sorry J, you can sit on the step and try to eavesdrop, but that's it! No hard feelings? :) MUAH
I have been seriously procrastinating on the work and time is winding down. I'm sure all the ladies will have a good time, even if I don't get everything done. I still need to go to the grocery store and bake but at least I have all Saturday to get it all finished up! Wish me luck.
I wish I could give you more but right now I'm so busy at work... it's ridiculous! I'll be better next week, I hope. In the meantime (in between time) let's all hope the rest of this day speeds by and tomorrow goes just as quickly. I really just want to be in bed... can any of you make that happen?

That's my peace (out)!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Little Something

Happy Wednesday! Did you miss me? I know you did!
I want to go look back on my last blog to see where we left off, is that ok? lol... Seems like I wasn't covering much of anything. Last time I went on a rant, disappointed on the lack of kindness in the world. I hope something changes... it's sad. What happened to my "fill a bucket" movement? Where are all the bucket fillers?
Girl's Night In shopping with my sis (and sis and mom) was semi successful, still alot of work to do and errands to run, groceries to buy. And it's already Wednesday, I need to get a serious move on! I seriously need an assistant sometimes... feel free to volunteer (J?). I am really excited about the GN in and the baking I get to do for it. I do have my grocery list already prepared. Next stop... BJ's then Giant!

I'm still reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I must say, it has become intriguing, but still kinda slow. I'm still keeping at it. I so hope to give you a better review by the end... hope I'm not discouraging any potential readers of it. That is not my intention. I'm gonna keep (the rest of) my opinions to myself until the end.

What else? I guess lots, but... it's not "blog material" yet. I'll be sure to keep you updated, but in the meantime...

That's (a little piece of) my peace!

Friday, October 14, 2011

More Kind More Often

I just don't understand why there isn't more kindness in the world... How can people overlook the old lady standing on the train? or the blind person attempting to direct themselves through the subway? or the man who drops his briefcase and all his papers go scattering about...? I see these things daily and I react automatically. Yet, droves of people walk pass them without a second thought or glance. How?
This morning, there was a lady with the 2 small children, attempting to maneuver her way through the crowded station to get on the escalator. I slowed and allowed her to pass me and I side eyed everyone who seemed annoyed that I let her go. Why were people so annoyed though? Is everyone in that much of a rush (to get to work on a Friday), that they didn't have time to be kind? I was questioning all this as I walked up the escalator. And for a second, I thought to pat myself on the back because I am so thoughtful and kind. Then, the very next second, I retracted my "self back pat"... kindness doesn't deserve reward or credit, that is exactly how it should be! But why in the world aren't more people more kind more often?
I believe in people, I still have faith that the world is good. But where are these people? Definitely not the the Metro during rush hour... that is fasho! Is the kindness I possess something I was taught? Are parents not teaching or practicing kindness and raising kind, considerate or compassionate little people? I want to know why isn't helping someone an automatic response for some people? How can you walk away from someone in need? So many questions? And I don't know how to answer. What I do know... I will make it a point to raise kind, compassionate children. My mother always taught us "it's better to give than to receive". She made sure we volunteered with Christmas baskets at church and as Sunday school assistants. I don't specifically remember a moment when my mother stopped in her rush to help someone (then again, my mother was never in a rush. Can't be in a rush if you're always an hour early for everything...) but I do know, she was kind and taught us to be. I do know she didn't let us be selfish with our things, our time, our compassion. My sister and I shared everything. Nothing was just handed to us. Don't get me wrong, we had awesome Christmases and stuff but... we were always surprised and I think we would have been just as content with less.
What is going on in the world now? Spoiled, selfish children that don't know how to share because they aren't taught to, forced to! If every child has their own, when do they learn sharing? Why should they? Why would they? Sharing is just another form of love. I loved Jules and Kirk (Nae too, but we were grown by the time she happened) and they loved me. Our mother taught us how to share and love, not by depriving us... but by giving us enough love that we didn't need anything else. And everything we wanted and got, we appreciated and shared. Of course we had our own things and maybe sharing was an option (we don't know, I don't recall it being a problem) but we loved each other enough to share and be kind and I believe that transferred into our adult lives. Jules is the kindest person I know. Kirk... I am in awe at how kind he is (idk why I am so shocked but...), he amazes me how considerate and kind and thoughtful he is sometimes. Kudos to Gigi for raising kind children!
But what is the rest of the world doing? (revelation) Take your children to church! Give them the opportunity to learn what being Christlike is... even if they don't appear to be learning anything, at least lay the foundation. No Jesus in their hearts, no prayer in their schools? What expectation do we have at raising kind, loving children when they don't have the fullest, purest and best example of LOVE? Jesus himself!
I refuse to believe that out of all these people rushing around in the Metro, no one is a Christian. I can't fathom that! Yet, still (hardly) no one is thoughtful. And that I do not understand! I pray that we the people, in order to form a more perfect union... Just BE KIND! to anyone, to everyone, to someone in need. I'm not asking you to volunteer your Saturday in a soup kitchen, or help build a house or even give the change out of your pocket to the homeless man on the corner. I mean those random acts that we come across everyday, that we ignore... offer your seat to the lady standing (old, pregnant or otherwise), let a car turn in front of you merging into traffic, smile at someone and say hello or thank you or... anything! Just be kind for no reason other than it may make some one's day and knowing you did your part in making the world better. How hard could it be? And just imagine if everyone did it...

I apologize (no I don't) that my Friday blog feels so heavy and preachy, but it was heavy on my heart. Maybe I'll come back later to give you something lighter... but maybe not! We'll see. Just in case, enjoy your weekend and make it a point to be kind to someone (randomly).

Colossians 3:12 Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

That's my peace!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chelita's Cable!

dang it! I don't like to be out of the loop! I like to keep up with what's going on with the world and  books and tv shows... but of course I can't always know everything (J, you ignore this... I know it ALL!). But seriously, I should be watching or I should have at least seen the first episode of Reed Between The Lines. Of course I am living a martyr's life without cable! Dang it! I usually feel like I am surviving just fine without it, and I know I am smarter and raising smarter children because of it. But today, all of a sudden, I felt at a loss. I want to know how the show is for myself. You know (or do you?) how I feel about black television... it sucks! I am not a fan AT ALL! I love my people, but... Tyler Perry is not doing us any favors. Don't get me wrong, I am a die hard The Game fan (gonna need to phone a friend when that season starts back up... *ring ring, Chelita answers...*) and The Cosby Show, A Different World and Girlfriends are my all time favorite (black) shows... but other than that, black tv does us no justice. I feel like, out of obligation, I should support Joan and Theo (lol).
But after reading a blog (Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage), and they discussed the show, I feel like I'm missing something. Although a few reviews I read didn't say nice things (bad acting being one of them), I want to know for myself and at least give it a chance. Maybe I can find it online or something (does BET air it's shows online? does anyone know?)
Update: I did find a piece of my competitive bone for the Minute to Win It Challenge and (after getting cheated in 2 challenges), my partner and I got 2nd place! Thank you Sensei Sisson (my 7th and 8th grade Japanese teacher) for the chopstick lesson that allowed me to stack chap stick in less than a minute with chopsticks :) They never even saw it coming. And that piece of a competitive bone I found, has me a little peeved that I got cheated and didn't win 1st place. Who knew I could move an oreo from my forehead into my mouth without touching it? Who knew? We got 'em next time!

I am still not completely moved by Little Bee, but I don't want to give up on it (I hear it's good) and the "know-it-all" in me needs to find out what all the "buzz" is about for myself... (pun intended, lol)

Girl's Night In plans are coming along... I've printed out Michael's (the arts and craps store) coupons for my trip on Saturday (thanks Jules for the reminder and thanks g-ma for the email that I can't get to work). I am still working on (moreso in my mind) being the super (coupon clipping, baking, party planning, reading, blogging, juicing, working) mom/girlfriend, but I still need help and little reminders. Speaking of reminders, I still have not printed out the new chore chart, smh! let me do that now, brb....

Took a little longer than I anticipated. Had to make a few changes on the chore chart. Then Chelita called me, blabbing (lol, j/k). Then she had the nerve to complain that I hadn't blogged in a couple days... well, excuse me! So since she's in such a hurry... here it is! Blame her if I left something crucial out of it! She can be reached at 240-*******. (ha!)

Be sure to read the Happily Ever Blog I referenced (just click on the link). Remember The Days Of “Because I Said So”? had a good story on parenting and giving our children too much say, when "because I said so" is fitting! I loved it!

That's my peace!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mishmash and Hodgepodge

la la la la la la la!!!! Hey! I'm still high off last night's spaghetti dinner! Talk about yummy in my tummy!
SEE... that's why this "get thin" thing isn't working...  for one, Idk when I would have time to workout faithfully. Then I go and indulge in a (beyond) delicious spaghetti dinner (with garlic bread). SMH, somehow it seems worth it... that's my problem: Too much cooking, not enough working out! SHAME! Anywhoozle... c'est la vie, right? Right!
What's new? Let's see... last weekend, Gigi bought me a scarf (did you know I LOVE scarves? Well, now you do!) and I am finally wearing it today. And it's animal print too! Thanks Gigi :)
What else? Did I mention the awesomeness of the spaghetti dinner? ( I think I may have...) Ask about me! Had the J and the kids going back for seconds, thirds if I would have let them.

I'm a little further into Little Bee by Chris Cleave... can't call it yet.

Random: The Adele station on Pandora has been changing my life... "I wish nothing but the best for you.  Don't forget me I begged, I remember you said "sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead." Such a beautiful voice Adele has.

Reminder: I need to print out a new chore chart for the kids... I forgot to mention the Family Chore Chart I made, well... I made one on Excel, because those kids and cleaning got to be overwhelming. Seeing as how they make the mess, they should take the responsibility for cleaning it up! And so far, so ok... I can't say good yet. But we're only a week in, I really believe we're on to something. Man, parenting is tough! Keep praying for me.

I'm racking my brain tryna plan for this Girl's Night In shindig... for some reason I am on an idea drought, I hate it. I usually have plans out the wazoo, or maybe... Jules usually has the plans. Dang it Jules! Are you don't unpacking yet? I need to use your brain! I'm sure I'll come up with something though. Maybe I should start with a menu... I think I'll bring back the peach lemonade for the occasion. And with that, a mishmash of (my experimental) baked goods and a hodgepodge of other eats. I know it's really just a lack of focus. I'll start focusing right now... got my pen and paper out! Watch I have plans by the end of the week. Watch!

the awesome animal print scarf from Gigi
Tomorrow is my office "mini" retreat. Mini because we used to go to the uber swanky resorts with butlers and "$$$$$" as the cost when you look it up online. This year, we're going to have an in-house meeting and then go to a nearby community center to play Minute to Win It games. (have you ever seen that show? I'll post the video....) And after, dinner at the Cactus Cantina. Needless to say, I am less than excited. I know the whole Minute to Win It thing looks fun, but the bone that produces competitiveness... well, I don't have it. There isn't a competitive bone in my body. Hopefully, I find it by tomorrow or maybe Kai will let me borrow hers for the day (idk about that girl sometimes, can't stand to lose). I'll let you know how it goes... oh yeah, I prob won't have time to visit with you tomorrow (thanks to the mini retreat) so...

Enjoy the rest of this lovely Tuesday and have a Happy Hump Day (early)! I plan to have a wonderful Wednesday... win or lose! (although I would like the grand prize days off *sigh*) I'm gonna go home and search hard for my "competitive bone", maybe I just put it away somewhere.  Here's hoping....

That's my peace!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy Alone

Monday and I'm at work while most of you are home, still in bed, enjoying your Columbus Day holiday off... must be nice! lol, I'm not really bitter... everyone in my house had to get up and leave out as well (although some chose not to... must be nice) so I don't really feel at a loss. Of course, I would have liked to stay in bed (just like every other Monday morning) but it's ok, I'm here now. I will survive!

How was your weekend? Mine? (thanks for asking) was... pleasant? It had it's moments of frustration and confusion and CRAZY ("say no to crazy", which often means saying no to myself)... but it was good. I saw my sis :), wore my new shoes (which I love... bring on the next pair), and I had some quality Tamika time. I don't think I'm alone enough. The J was not feeling well, the kids were being crazy, I was losing my mind... so I ran away. I left out the house (alone) and did some very random wandering (alone). It's not very often I get to be alone, I don't think enough people cherish their alone time (and some of you have too much). But me, I'm hardly ever alone so when I am, it feels sooo good! I went into a furniture store and browsed... Marshalls, Ross, Target (bought some sidewalk chalk for the kids and semi browsed for things in the home section of all these stores, I love gadgets and dishes and mugs and pillows and kitchen utensils and... ). I pretty much aimlessly wandered about for no good reason, with no serious intention other than pure appreciation for "aloneness" (without any whining, questions, boredom, hunger complaints).. it was priceless! Appreciation for the little things *sigh*. I have to do that more often. I don't even think anyone called me in all that time, it was nice! So nice! Sunday I went to church and learned about "Sweet Spot Killers"... 1. crazy (Say no to crazy) 2. Not counting the cost (sacrifices, investments) and 3. blaming others (victim thinking). These are things that can/will keep you from living in your sweet spot, they are distractions preventing you from doing and living your best in whatever God has called you to do.
Then I went to visit my sis (whom I have NOT been seeing enough of lately... probably why I have been so crazy and tense). She is food for my soul, can't wait for Saturday! We have a date... yes Gigi, you can come. It's not a private date, just some Girl's Night in shopping at Michael's (the arts and craps store). Fun Fun!!!
I have not yet done my experimental baking, but I did get most of the ingredients this weekend. (will prob hold it off til GN in)

I have finished reading Such A  Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb... loved it! I'm tryna get Nae to read it so she can officially join us for BYOB. Today I started Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It was one of my Saturday alone time randomness purchases... 20% off at Target! So far, ok... but I'm only a few pages in. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.  I have not set the BYOB meeting date yet, but maybe October 29th. Will anyone be done reading by then?

I am excited about tonight's spaghetti dinner! I love spaghetti!!! the pasta, the sauce, the turkey sausage and onions and green peppers, the cheese... heaven! yummy :)

I hope most of you enjoy your Monday off, the rest of us will hold the world down and get back to work! I plan to enjoy the rest of this day. You do the same please, thanks!

Tam's Words of Wisdom for the week: Crazy is just like a drug... say NO to it! (Pastor Jay)

That is my peace!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Save a Child!

Hey, I need to vent...

My daughter's chorus teacher called me today. He said to me "Ms. Keys, Ikaia is an exceptional child. She is smart and well spoken and talented. That is why I had to meet you that night at Back to School night, I needed to know who this child comes from. I want to impress upon you to look for an alternative to sending her to Walker Mill M.S., she will be stifled there and possibly worse. She is too amazing a child to attend such a school, please take it upon yourself to give her more of a chance than that. Her spirit will be crushed there." He went on to further compliment my sweet Kai and he also continued on, in extensive detail, about how horrible the middle school in our area is. I was, one, very proud that Kai gets recognized so often. It is a joy to get a positive call from school about how amazing your child is. He went out of his way to acknowledge the wonderful traits he sees in my child. But sadly, I felt very discouraged. It is not an easy task to get your child into a better school, aside from moving out of the area. It's sad that this is what I have to face just because of where I live (and I don't live in a bad neighborhood), but P.G. County is setting our children up to fail! And that makes me sad... my anxiety, fear and sadness grew when I found out Kai's progress report grades. She received one 'B' and the rest 'A's... that just made it all more real. My girl is very serious about school work and grades. She wants and expects the best for herself. I am more than proud when I come home and see her reading a book, not watching tv... sitting outside on the deck READING. I love hearing her desires to be a marine biologist or a veternarian. I am overjoyed when she asks to go to museums and would rather spend her Saturday on a learning field trip than watching Saturday morning cartoons. She has a thirst for knowledge that makes my heart proud. But at the same time, I feel discouraged and disheartened... I dont know what to do or how to save her. I've been looking into better schools, private schools I can't afford, applying for TAG schools and praying really really hard.
Over some time, I've learned not to carry a burden alone. When I dont make myself worry about something all by myself, it's amazing the solutions that emerge. I encourage you all to pray and (not) worry with me.

Thanks for letting me vent... *sigh*

Shoe Dreams Come True?

HAPPY FRIDAY! Aye yo! Forreals I'm boosted son! Hype, excited, amped! (Is boosted universal? does it cross racial boundaries? found out today that "cheesin" is not) Anywhoozle. I saw this protest on the way to work... I protested from the car! I'm gonna find me something to protest against and join the march! Maybe I'll start with Al Sharpton's March to the MLK memorial on 10/15... (don't hold your breath on it though, lol). But anyway, it's Friday and I'm always "boosted" about that!

Last night, I went out (with the J, he confuses me on whether he wants to be blogged on or not; "I was there, you didn't mention me" lol) to look for these shoes that I have been dreaming about, envisioning, wanting so desperately. (Thanks J for encouraging {and supporting} my love for shoes!) J, Nae and I began our journey to DSW. I haven't been in there in awhile (so I must admit I was hesitant), but I did venture through their website yesterday on my shoe search (so I was still hopeful). I actually saw a pair on the website that I loved but shoe shopping online makes me nervous (especially after Kai's $80 "design your own chucks" experience) and I like to meet the shoe, try it on, get to know it a little before I commit. You know what I'm saying? Anyway I'm not gonna go into detail over the whole "wandering around the store" experience, but eventually... I did find a shoe. I like it, but (I must say) I am not yet completely sure about them. I'm not in love with them yet. But I did take them home with me and hopefully... soon, the right outfit will happen and I will put those shoes with them and the sparks will fly (hopefully)! Until then... I still feel like a girl on a mission in search of awesome fall fashions. Next up... jacket and purse (and scarves and earrings and hats and...)! :)  

I did see a really adorable hat that I liked. I am sooo a hat girl... I wish I would've thought to take a picture of it to show you guys; but then again, we'll wait til that hat and I are together again for good!

Reading update: Such A Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb is getting better and better. I don't ever want to put the book down. The kids almost didn't have dinner last night. First, I didn't feel like fixing the dinner cause I wanted to read (but I did). Then, I almost burnt dinner because I was reading (but I got to it right on time). AND THEN... plates were about to not get fixed because I was deep into the book (but J gave me the side eye and told me to get on it, lol)! The book is that good! #trust

Well, it is Friday. We finally made it to the weekend. I am about to finish clipping these coupons, make this grocery list and get some actual 9-5 work done. I am pretty excited about some upcoming baking I'm planning to get to (whoop whoop). I'll be sure to update you on how it goes... its hard to find time to get baking done. I can't get up at the crack every Saturday morning. The ice cream cupcakes were easy, I've done that plenty of times... maybe I'll give myself a trial run or two before I share it. We'll see how it goes...

I've got nothing major coming up this weekend. A thing or two here or there, nothing to write home about... but whatever you guys have going on... I hope you enjoy this lovely, sunny weekend. See you Monday! That's my peace!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 No More!

Wednesday goodness is BACK! The last couple of Wednesdays have been and I was not liking that AT ALL! I'm glad to have Wednesday back, we're almost done... YAY! We've conquered two full work days already. Do you feel the excitement I feel? Maybe it's cause the sun is shining bright today... maybe it's just cause I am alive and (semi) well. (I refuse to let this "cold" knock me all the way out... I refuse!). Maybe it's just cause it's Wednesday and I chose to have the Joy of the Lord today! Let's go with that.
I don't really have anything specific to cover today. And when that happens, I see it as the perfect opportunity to revert back to the "blog challenge". Although today's challenge seems futile... Who are you?
Well... since we've been doing this for awhile now, I feel like I'd be stating the obvious.
♫♪ If you don't know me by now... ♫♪. I'm Tamika! I like to read and write. I'm 5'4", dark brown hair and eyes. I like long walks on the beach... (ok, not really) lol. I just cant seem to formulate a whole blog about me (specifically). I feel like we've gotten to know each other pretty well by now, right? How about if there's anything about me you feel like you're just dying to know or have been waiting for me to cover... just ask me! I am (almost) an open book. I do like to keep a bit of my life private, but I don't have any secrets. So, if there's anything you really want to know, feel free to ask me and I'll either cover it in the comment section or dedicate a blog around it (possibly).
On to other things... bowling and polished nails don't go well together! lol
I still haven't found the shoes and jacket I'm looking for. Although I did see some cute shoes in Filene's last week and then they sent me a coupon today... (they're tempting me). But the shoes aren't as fab as I imagined them to be in my head and I don't want to settle. So the search continues!
What else?
Such A Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb just gets better everyday. I am thoroughly enjoying the read.
Also, I am (in my mind) planning to do some experimental baking. I saw a few new recipes I really want to try, and I have a function at which I plan to try them... can't wait!
Kaia and I used to have date day before the summer started. Life gets so hectic and busy, we used to just hang out every other Wednesday just to get some good quality time in with each other. She has been asking if we could bring it back. Maybe we'll try it today. And maybe she and Nae could alternate Wednesdays... I'll let you know how/if this all works out.
I had a delicious sandwich today for lunch (its called The Recess Club), I get it from this market by my job. It is turkey and ham on wheat w/ bacon, lettuce, mayo and Russian dressing... of course that's not how it comes, I had to tweak it a little (minus the tomato and honey mustard and the mayo and communist dressing are my additions)...  but right now I could use some floss. Man these teeth!

Oh yea... the banana clip made a reappearance today! It got a few good reviews... one kid told me I looked "childish" in an attempt to compliment me (I think she meant youthful). "Forgive them for they know not what they do"

That's all (the randomness) I got for today. Happy Hump Day! That's my peace!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Banana clips, Polish and Body Snatchers!

It's only Tuesday guys...

Right now on my mind: I am desperate to find a fabulous jacket and awesome wedge booties (preferably gray or a navy blue). My mind automatically scans to black whenever I shop but I am adamant about not buying black boots (not this first go round anyway). I have an awesome black pair that can stand to be resoled (if ever I get around to taking them).
Today, I am not myself. My hair didn't want to cooperate this morning, so I worked diligently at getting this banana clip into my hair (or my hair into this banana clip, whichever). I have been trying, off and on for about 3 weeks, to get this thing to work successfully. Oh, I would get it in there but it wouldn't be cute, that's for sure! I'm not even going to go as far as saying it's cute today, but its in there and I (guess) I don't feel too crazy. I have been tryna figure out why I have been such an ineffective natural... my problem: My hair is too curly to wear straight and too straight to wear in a natural style. This soft hair, although it is the envy of my peers, is a nuisance! I must say though, I am proud that I have NOT, not once, used any heat source on it whatsoever since my the weekend before my Hair Revelation Revolution and that was exactly 3 weeks ago today that I posted that...YAY me! I should start documenting this hair journey with photos, not that I'm having awesome hair days or anything (it is what it is and I have accepted it). Some days I LOVE it, some days I don't. C'est la vie... Anywhoozle, like I said, I am not myself today. I have polished nails (silver at that) and I am wearing my hair in a banana clipped ponytail. The only thing I recognize is I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts... maybe done intentionally so as not to lose my mind throughout the day wondering just whom exactly is invading my body other than myself... ummmm, so random I know but I think the BYOB book is getting to me, HA! It is an interesting read, try it out and come and talk it over with the group (shameless BYOB plug, lol). But anyways... the to do list: find a thrifty fab jacket and boots, further my hair experimentation, attempt being a girly girl with polished nails, read or die (trying), avoid looking goth in all black and protect myself from having my brain invaded by thought stealing leeches! 

Ok, cant take up too much more time with you guys, I have work to do... work meaning online searching/ shopping for my fall fashions! Happy Tuesday!
I have successfully lifted myself out of the pits with my ridiculous blogging :)

That's my PEACE out!

Don't ignore my shameless BYOB plug... read the book!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Yummies and Snuggies!

Good Monday all! This weekend went off w/o a hitch! I got the ice cream cupcakes done, got in some reading, had a good time at Texas Roadhouse (despite the horrible service from "LaTear", but yum to the cinnamon butter... I will be making that and jarring it), and got a good amount of rest (that probably could have been devoted to one of my many new hobbies), but was much needed. The ice cream cupcakes were a hit, Nae loved them and I've decided they should be shared with the world, so here goes...

First, you will need foiled cupcake baking cups (they tear off the cupcake easier after they're done)
boxed cupcake mix or brownie mix (I have always only done brownie mix, maybe I'll try with cupcakes next time)
Mix the brownie mix as directed on the box with the water, eggs and oil.
Line a cupcake ban with the foiled cupcake cups. Pour the brownie mix into the baking cups about 1/3 of the way filled (maybe a little less) . Bake them as directed... do not over bake! With the bottom of a spoon (ice cream scooper) press into the center of the brownie cupcake (creating an indentation for the ice cream to fill in).
Allow the brownies to cool (you can refrigerate or freeze them for faster cooling time)

While the brownies are cooling, set out the ice cream so that it can soften. You can use whatever flavors you like, but this time I used...  
After the brownies are done cooling, scoop a table spoon of ice cream into the baking cups on top of the cooled brownies.

You should fill the baking cups almost to the top w/ the ice cream... be creative and mix the two if you want! After you've filled them all with, place them in the freezer for 1-2 hours or until the ice cream in frozen. While you're waiting for the ice cream to freeze, you need to make the chocolate sauce for the top layer of your dessert. 
my g-ma bought me this pot set when I moved into my 1st apartment
In a sauce pan you need to mix a can of evaporated milk, a bag of chocolate morsels and 2 tablespoons of butter. The recipe calls for a teaspoon of vanilla (but I didn't have any so I didn't use it this time... it's all good!) Mix these ingredients in a sauce pan til boiling and stir continuously until the mixture thickens. (The mixture seems like it'll never get thick, but be patient... give it some time, get it as thick as you have patience for them refrigerate it to cool. It will thicken much more in the fridge!) After the ice cream is frozen and the chocolate sauce mixture is completely cooled, remove them both from the refrigerator.

 Apply a hearty tablespoon of chocolate sauce onto the top of the frozen ice cream cupcake. The chocolate sauce will be thick from cooling in the fridge, spread it around the top of the ice cream. (You may need to wet the spoon with hot water to keep it from sticking to the chocolate sauce and to help spread it around.)

Freeze the cupcakes again to help merge the 3 layers together into a delightful frozen treat. After about an hour or longer, the 3 layers should be successfully frozen together. I usually add a dollop of coolwhip before serving. Be prepared to experience a moment of mouth watering iced happiness! These treats are simply enchanting! (if I say so myself) Nae enjoyed them, the house enjoyed them... only problem, not enough people to enjoy them all! (and these blickies don't travel well... trust me, I tried to bring some into work #fail!)

Although making these cupcakes for Nae did take up my morning sleep in time, it did make for perfect BYOB reading time as I waited!

My book and my Snuggie!

So, I knocked at least 2 things off my list the weekend (I baked and I read)... can't wait to see what happens next weekend! Everyone should consider taking up a hobby, let me know what the rest of you come up with and just when exactly you're fitting these things into your lives. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your work week, dress warm (there's a serious chill in the air) and make some ice cream cupcakes!

Jules baked this cake for Nae's bday dinner since the cupcakes can't travel! She's the!

That's my peace!