Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We're Alive! lol

Happy "day after the quake" Wednesday! Everyone I know is good, no real damage done... except our tv (rest its tv soul), it didnt make it. It fell from where it was sitting and the screen is damaged, beyond repair. Of course the J guy is crushed, I think there may be a funeral service held for it later this week. That's seriously how his face looked, lol! (that's not funny though). Where were you when the quake happened? I hope none of you experienced any real damage. Thankfully Gigi was there to pick up the kids from school for me, isnt she awesome! I was at work at the time and I swear, the panic in DC was the most! Traffic for days, Metro was tripping, folk scared out of their minds... it was literal CHAOS! 9/11 all over again. Lately, I've been trying to find the silver lining in every situation. It's my choice how I see things. Am I going to focus on the bad of a situation or choose to see the flip side? Example: today the kids are out of school, the J guy just happened to be off work, but me... I'm at work. They are on their way to the mall just to hang out, I should be jealous and blown that I'm working and they're boondoggling at the mall together. But NO! The silver lining: I am at work where it's peaceful and quiet, just me, my desk and my computer. At some point, one or more of those rugrats is going to drive the J guy (and apparently Nae also via Twitter) crazy (we can pretty much count on it, bet my last $1). Here I am, lucky me, kidless at work... HAPPY! (until they called me to referree)
So, in saying that... what's the silver lining in this "quake" situation? How can we put a positive spin on it? Are we gonna be afraid that the world may be coming to an end? Are we annoyed at the broken tv's, the traffic, and the chaos and fear it caused? Or are we going to be glad for that break in the day it gave us yesterday afternoon? the conversations with strangers that it provoked? the realization that God's word is true and he is faithful to keep his promises from his blessings to the quakes? the quality time we spent with our families, the calls we made to our loved ones, the bonds that were created through that experience? the hope of another day to cherish the people in our lives that we love and another day and opportunity to forgive others and right our wrongs... I like the silver linings! I smile at the silver linings in life. I'm just going to say, let's not waste our time and energy focusing on the negative. It's your choice! Find the silver linings in life TODAY, tomorrow is not promised!

Tamia~ Tomorrow

The Winans~ Tommorow (covered by Tamia)...

I hope everyone successfully gets over the hump, enjoy your day... that's my peace! 

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