Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Must be nice

GOOD MORNING!!! It's Tuesday... I'm always indifferent about Tuesdays. But I think I just may like this one, I'm feeling good today. Yesterday, I had to get those "forgive and let live" feelings off my chest, so today I can get back to the task at hand. I'm supposed to have a photo of the item you last purchased... that just seems so random to me but I'll humor it, kinda.
Earlier this morning, I went to CVS for toothbrushes for the girls... but that just doesnt seem interesting enough to talk about. Actually, none of the last few items I've purchased seem very topic worthy at the moment.

Oh yea! I almost forgot about my Friday afternoon purchase. This goes back to the conversation about Taboo and not being an IDIOT! Well... being how Jules and I want the best for our kids, we refuse to have them being labeled "Taboo idiots"! So in order to properly prepare them for the world of adult game nights and to prevent such a travesty, we purchased... Taboo Junior! I am not an idiot and I refuse to have idiot children! It just wouldn't be right. I believe the children will do impressively well playing the game but in the event they are only average Taboo players, they will have the tools they need to perfect their skills! lol

Also, I realized alot of my recent purchases are practical daily purchases and not anything fun. But that is solely due to the awesomeness of the J guy and him humoring my desires. The things I used to treat myself to, he has been handling for me. (Must be nice)
Recently, I wanted a glass pitcher for making and being able to admire pretty drinks. And of course, the J guy went out and found one for me... I have yet to indulge in the pretty drink making. But when I'm ready, my new glass pitcher is there ready and waiting for me! That guy... "he is something else!" 

Here is a picture of the pitcher he got me with the drink I have yet to make...

I'm still on the hunt for a deal on the mason glass jars (with a handle) that I want
a small peace of Tam

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