Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A clown haired, clown faced Barbie v. James Brown

Buenos dias! I am loving my curly hair... #random. But that's how I'm feeling today. Idk how I let someone else's opinion of my natural keep me from wearing it how I love it (so disappointed in myself). But I have been wearing my natural curl the last few days and I feel good! (no James Brown montage today) I just feel so feisty, watch out now!

this is me today #teamME

Some of my coworkers really love when I wear my natural hair. "Tamika, I love this hair! What do you do to get it like that?" Then they wanna touch it! (I cant say I so much like that). Others don't love it so much; "Tami, what'd you do to your hair today? Isn't there some stuff you can use to keep it straight?" uhhh... but I don't wanna keep it straight :(  I refuse to let them get to me (anymore)! This one person, whose opinion especially matters to me, likes to remind me that it's just "cute" so as not to let me forget that it's not his preference and I'm not gorgeous with it. It just sucks having to defend my hair all the time... but like I tell the kids: "You have to know how you feel for yourself and depend on that, because you can never please everybody. Be confident in who you know you are and nothing anyone else says should matter! Clearly, I need to take my own advice, huh? So for all you natural hair haters..... @##$#^$!#$&*&)((_)(_**(^$$%##$@%&(&^%$^#@#^%&*^!!!!!!!!! #teamnatural

When I do wear my natural hair, I have a tendency to put on a little more "face" than usual... That brings me to today's blog challenge: What's in my make up bag? There's quite a few things in there, much of which I don't even use. Lots of shadows and liners, lip sticks and brushes. I almost always have my "face" on these days, so the things in my make-up bag that I actually use... a little concealer for the "I couldn't leave my face alone" pimple scars, a neutral shaded eyeshadow, mascara, blush and usually just a chapstick or light gloss. But when I have my sister girl hair, I like to take those same things and step them up a notch! A little more eye shadow, thicker longer lashes, a glossier lip, blushier cheeks. Nothing too dramatic or overwhelming, just a Tam enhancement... it's probably borderline unnoticeable but I'm no Barbie. I'll pass on having to peel my whole face off later, thanks! Plus the J guy is not a big fan of the clown face. Everytime I have him watching Basketball Wives, he just can't stop talking about the amount of makeup Evelyn has on. "She looks like a man tryna cover up her face with all that make-up!" In the beginning, he wasn't even aware I wore any makeup til one day he saw me putting it on. He claims he doesn't like me in makeup but reality; he just doesn't like seeing me put it on because I've been wearing it since day ONE! He was just unaware... these men, never know what they really want (until we tell them)! ha!

Still reading... The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I'm learning alot about myself and it's making me reflect on some things (I'll update you more once I finish reading). I'm also realizing (more and more, cause I already know for certain) that I need therapy. Don't judge me! More than half of you probably need it too, but at least I know and own up to my issues. Acknowledgement puts me on the road to healing, so there! :-P

I feel like maybe I should blog in the evening or at night because a whole day happens and I want to talk about it with you guys. I don't feel right doing too much reflection on yesterdays today... it's old news by now! But I want to give big props to the J guy who after reading and discussing with him which of the five love languages I found to be mine, he made it a point yesterday evening to "speak my language" and do what he now knows is my way to receive love :) I know I said I would wait to the end to either recommend the book or not, but how could I not? Maybe it'll be a good BYOB club choice to read. Speaking of BYOB... book club is this weekend and I can't wait to discuss Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin with the group (she is the author of Something Borrowed, which was a recent movie in theaters... maybe I'll put that movie on my Netflix). More BYOB news: I plan to experiment with this watermelon lemonade drink I've been wanting to make in my new pitcher for the group. I have the seedless watermelon from BJ's on my counter waiting and hopefully my new mason jars I ordered will be here by Saturday so we can get the full visual experience. #hopeful and #excited

                         James Brown~ "I Feel Good"
 ok, so I couldn't help myself (teeheehee)

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!! That's my peace...

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