Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Do You Like Your Eggs? The "runaway bride" man!

Brought back by popular demand... This is a note I posted on FB almost a year ago, that I wanted to share with anyone just in case they missed it (or forgot). Be careful out there ladies! lol

There is a sad epidemic of “runaway bride” men out there! We need to put a stop to it. There are a slew of men out there who appear perfect for us. They are so nice and seem so awesome, they like what we like, and they’re funny. They take us out to the places we want to go, they can hang out with us wherever we go, get along with our friends, good conversation… BUT be aware, BEWARE! He may have “runaway bride syndrome”!!!!!
 What's the "runaway bride” man syndrome? I know you want to know. It has nothing to do with a man leaving us women at the altar… If you’ve seen the movie and recall Julia Roberts’ role in it, you should remember that she went from man to man seemingly in perfect relationships. She never did anything wrong, right? She appeared to be the perfect woman for every man she was with but then… she would get to the altar, choke and run! Lol (humorous)
Well… these “runaway bride” men are not leaving us at any altars, it’s not that dramatic but… in the movie Julia Roberts (JR) conformed herself to every relationship she was in. She had no mind of her own. “How do you like your eggs?” JR changed the way she liked her eggs depending on the man she was with. So… Are you a “runaway bride” man? Do you have “runaway bride” syndrome? Are you dating a man with “runaway bride syndrome”?
Women want a man with a mind of their own. You may be a nice guy and treat me nicely, but are you teaching me anything? Are you seeing the world through my eyes only? Do you like what you like because I like it? I need you to know who you are and what you like and what you want to do before you can be with me or any woman for that matter. “How do you like your eggs?” lol. Don’t hard scramble your eggs with cheese and sometimes onions just cause that’s how I like mine… Eat your eggs how you like them and open my eyes to a new way to eat them. Now I’m stubborn and may not want to try your eggs but hey don’t not eat your eggs just cause I don’t. What kind of music do you like? Where have you been? Teach me something. I know us women are so more progressed these days, we make more money, we go more places, we are smarter and just all around more well rounded (its cause we read books, lol) but that just means you need to step your game up. You need to be able to take me somewhere I’ve never been, introduce me to new foods. No woman wants to be the one who knows and shows everything. We want a man that can lead us. How you gonna lead if you following me everywhere I go? How are you expanding my mind? I want you to be able to help me grow too.
You are a nice guy? We get that! You take good care of me, dote on me, worship the ground I walk on, thank you… I appreciate you for that. But it’s not enough. I need a challenge. What are you bringing to the table? What are you contributing to the convo? Don’t ask me my opinion on something then package it up, reword it and try to sell it back to me! Have an opinion of your own. DO I need to walk around with a trademark lawyer when I’m with you? Are you stealing my ideas? I will sue you! But then again my bad… you have nothing to sue for! It will be a waste of MY time and MY money!
You do have something though… what is it? Ignorance. You are not open-minded, you don’t read, and you are angry. Your dislike for homosexuals is nauseating! If you’re gonna dislike them, please feel the same hate for the crime, the liars, the thieves, the murderers, and the travesties going on in our world today! Do you know whats' going on in the world? Read the paper, watch the news and please stop trying to debate me on matters that you cant back up with factual information. Be able to hold a conversation on something other than sports. Sportcenter is not the only channel. There is more going on in the world than your life, look beyond your own Backyard… and I am not talking about thego go band! But speaking of… please know more music than rap, hip hop and r&b. There is a whole world out there, explore it. Then maybe we women will want to explore it with you and not with our girl friends! now to be fair... there are plenty and I mean plenty of "runaway bride" women out there but.. you are a man, BE A MAN! thank you. #thatisall

And I am not saying this is ALL men! but if you recognize it as yourself, please adjust accordingly. I just wanted to inform the women of what is going on out there so she isnt wondering why she cant stay interested in this seemingly awesome guy! Dont feel bad that this really nice guy isnt keeping your attention. He is a "runaway bride" man and you deserve to be challenged!

so…  Ask yourself do you have “runaway bride” syndrome? “How do you like your eggs?” lol…

Now I really want to watch the movie. Movie night anyone?

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