Monday, August 15, 2011

Doughnuts and watermelonade :)

It's Monday guys, how you feeling? I'm actually feeling pretty alright. It's already after 11am, the feeling of sleep deprivation has left me and its almost lunch time... looking good! I had a pretty decent weekend too! Book club (BYOB for life!), the movies to see The Help, QT with the J guy, getting to see my Jules... all AWESOMENESS! Although I did have a horrible hair weekend, all this rain and humidity :( #hairfail. But seeing how that was the pit of my weekend, I am going to count it all JOY (whom I did not see this weekend, along with my other beautiful nieces...phooey)!

Blog challenge for today: Something you don't leave the house without. Well, I often leave my purse and forget my phone, I am completely fine with that. I have seriously become detached from this phone, and that makes me glad. Once upon a time I would've completely turned around for that thing (shame)! My purse, for some reason lately gets minimized to just a large wallet that can only hold money, cards, lip gloss and a phone (if I don't forget it). So my purse can stay home too... I'd leave the whole wallet if I wasn't such a worry wort (thanks mom) and think my body may need to get identified. And money, well J guy makes himself responsible for my every need... :) I'll have to say then, the only thing I make sure I don't leave the house without is gloss on my lips and Jesus in my heart! I have a serious lip gloss/chapstick/please don't lick your lips obsession. Lips right at all times, a must! And everyone around me must also follow suit... especially if you want your lips to touch mine. Poor Kai and J guy... at least I know I'm a mess! But they deal and its really for the best, for everyone. Why would they want to walk around chaplipped anyway? Tam knows best, trust!
About Jesus in my heart, well... that's best for me and for everyone else out in the world. It just means one less cuss out, road rage control (attempted), a smile, an attempt at a positive spirit, courtesy... just me tryna be my best self. And truly that will only be accomplished with Jesus in my heart. He is a permanent resident there and I do not leave home without Him! A lot of lives and feelings get saved in one day just because I am walking around with Jesus. Tamika without Jesus is not a good look!

Life without Jesus, is like a donut... cause there's a hole in the middle of your heart

yum, doughnuts... I could really use a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut right now :) Speaking of, I have really been slacking off on my workouts but not slacking on my "bad for me" food intake. I will do better this week!

I want to also mention that I did make my watermelon lemonade (now named watermelonade) in the new glass pitcher that J gave me (and served it in my new mason jar glasses) . I wish I would have thought to take a picture... but there will definitely be more juice making #trust. I'll let you all know when, feel free to come over and partake. The watermelonade plus ciroc wasn't half bad either!

I'm going to have lunch then leave out to take Kai to the doctor and enjoy the rest of my day. That's my peace... enjoy the week!

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