Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BYOB, READ or Die (trying)!!!

Good morning everyone! Tuesday... might as well be a Monday. Not enough hope for the weekend, its just a tease. Now, that's not very glass half full, is it? I have been a real Debbie Downer lately, snap out of it Tamika! I purpose to do better, I don't even like my own attitude right now...
I have some things I need to get done today, so I'm gonna (try to) keep this light. I have really been slacking on BYOB (book club). That's probably part of my problem. I have NOT been reading anything lately, my brain is suffering. I am literally losing my mind from a lack of reading. You guys know how I feel about books and reading. Knowledge is Power, but even a good fiction book is good for the brain, body and soul. (speaking of body, I did get my treadmill on yesterday evening whoop whoop!) When I was trapped in the house thanks to Irene, I wanted to kill myself (not literally) because I didn't have a book to read. I almost resorted to re reading something, that's not always fun. I didn't, but how I wished I'd had a good book to curl up with :( And I still have NOT gotten one, I feel like a loser. This would not be happening had they not taken away Borders bookstore. It's because you people don't read!!! And when you do, it has to be all fancy and on an ereader. Poor Borders, if I could bring you back I would. I love you and I'm sorry we did you like that. So... although I had planned to discuss the blog challenge for today, I am not going to... instead, I am going to get my BYOB book list together and send out the email so my fellow BYOBer's can vote on a book we can read. (I think I already saw the one I'm going to vote on, shhhh)
You guys know (from yesterday) that I'm tryna get this hair thing (along with other things) in order.. but MUCH more importantly is what's under my hair. This knowledge thing is very serious to me. At least I'm not walking around fat, with crazy hair and (illiterately) stupid... BYOB is a key factor in me keeping the peace of Tam. I soo enjoy the reading and the discussions with the group. So on that note, I'm going to get to keeping that thing going... If you want to be a part of BYOB, feel free to join us.... READ or Die (trying)!!!

Happy Reading, that's my peace (out)!

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