Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Tam!

Good morning beautiful world! I always start off my post talking about how much I've been slacking, then I apologize, then we get back together and we're both happy only for me to slack off again and start it all over again. So here I am, once again apologizing for my absence.. I know you've been wondering what's going on with me, curious to how my life's been treating me. Well, wonder no further.

It has been a speeding train Countdown to Mrs Brawner! It all seems to be going by so quickly... especially this last week. There are only 5 more days til I am officially Mrs. Brawner (no, not Keys-Brawner... he wasn't having it!). How do I feel? Ready! Not nervous or anxious, not scared and hesitant, but excited and definitely ready! I have to admit (and I'll only say this here), I am not confident about the technicalities of the day. You know, all the decorations and vendors and details... I don't trust any of that. I have no idea if the day is going to go smoothly, I am actually expecting it not to. I don't know if Uncle Pookie will have a seat or get enough to eat. I don't know if the photographer will capture all the right moments. And I don't know if it'll be a fun party and everyone will have a good time. I can not control any of those things, and I decided that I am not going to even try to. I refuse to be stressed out on that day. Because what I do know is... at the end of the day, I am marrying my best friend (no, not Jules and Chelita sillies). I am going to be Mrs. Brawner! I am going to bask in the day, try not to stress over details, and enjoy becoming his wife. What else even matters at this point?

I will have my girls beside me (and they are all awesome), my precious daughter with me, my friends and family all there to support and congratulate me... and I don't need anything else. I am excited!

This weekend was a whole lot of hectic and a whole lot of fun! I wrapped up wedding day details with my aunt and the coordinator and I also bachelorette partied my life away! This 4-day weekend was the perfect weekend for a bachelorette party because I seriously NEEDED that extra day to recover. I hung out with my bestest girls (minus a few) and focused on my last full weekend as Tamika K. Idk how well you know Tamika Keys, but she was an awesome girl, we will all miss her. But she is coming back better than ever, new and approved. After all is said and done, even after I become Mrs. Tamika B... no worries, I will always be just Tam.

I am about to be on Wedding Day crunch time... most likely, the next time we're together I'm going to be a married woman! Watch out now!!!

I hope you guys enjoy your week. Keep cool and don't act a fool! (I may not take my own advice this week, sue me!)

That's my peace~  (just) Tam!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tam's Something Blue Bridal Shower

May 6, 2012

cake bon bons :) delicious

Surprise! I'm going to cry

Me and my fabulous sister Jules

Mrs Brawner to be!

Daughter of the bride (Kai) and Daughter of the groom (Jazz)

Bridal pictionary! Go Karon!!!

Mrs. Brawner to be

"Days Tamika Lost It"!

Happy May 16th! (Like May 16th is a holiday... lol) I have not posted anything yet this month, so I'm kinda making a big deal about it. So... Happy May! Life has been crazy since my last post. So much has been going on with the wedding, the kids, work... I have just been so overwhelmed. I'm sure there are plenty of testimonies from my friends, family and acquaintances from the "Days Tamika Lost It"! I should be ashamed... but anywhoozle! How have you been? Good? Good! I guess we could cover some updates just for kicks. (I've really got nothing else anyway)

Updates! Kai had her audition to get into the performing arts school. So glad that's over. We are still waiting for the results, but... the hard part (for me) is over. It is in God's hands now, I can't worry about anything I can't control. That day was hecka rough though! Kai had so much anxiety. I was nervous she wasn't prepared, but she refused to sing for me. "Mom, I'm trying to use this time to relax. Could you please stop asking me to sing?" I had to respect that. I guess she figured there was nothing left she could do to prepare herself. All she needed now was to be relaxed enough to do it. I have never seen this level of stage anxiety. I obliged her and we spent the day running a few errands, chilling and swinging on swings at the playground. Right before we were supposed to arrive at the school, a massive thunderstorm decided to pass through... Kai: looks like a hurricane out here, may be we're not meant to audition today.
Me: nope, it's just God trying to wash away your fear and anxiety.
Kai: I must have a lot of anxiety!

We eventually braved through the super rain, ran (through the rain) into the school, waited not so patiently for her turn, prayed over her, listened to her cries to be driven home, then they called her name... I watched her hesitantly walk away, prayed over her again, then Nae and I waited. She returned 15-20 minutes later, looking relieved and we left. That was over a week ago... she refuses to sing her audition song ever again (His Eye Is On The Sparrow) and we are patiently waiting to know if she got in. They say we will receive the results after May 14th, so that means any day now. Lord please! J (crazily) promised Kai a dog if she gets in... smh.
And that's all I have to say about that!

I am 18 days away from my wedding! #CountdowntoMrsBrawner. That sounds so close, right? I am excited and I just can't wait for it to happen, then be over. I desperately want to get back to normal (pre wedding planning) life. I miss my old self, even though after June 3rd, I will be my new self! :) It's getting very real! I almost have everything together. I probably should get in contact with my coordinator, who came in direct contact with Crazy Tamika on the one of the "Days Tamika Lost It". But I am going to say this to you guys because I think we're all friends... she asked for it! Not to say she deserved it, that would be mean... but she provoked it and my crazy mind heard her say "Tamika, just yell at me!" And I did :) It was the day right before Kai's audition and I had too much on my mind for her to go changing plans last second, then getting annoyed with me because I wasn't on her time. Needless to say, I have not spoken to her since, so let's see what kinda wedding comes together in the next 18 days.. fingers crossed! lol

On a more positive wedding note... my friends and family (Jules extraspecially) are awesome! On May 6th, I had THEE BEST day ever. My sister and friends threw me an amazing SURPRISE bridal shower. The fact that they were able to (mostly) keep this from me was an amazing feat, I am not easy to surprise. I'm way too nosy and controlling for that, but apparently it can be done. Jules is awesome! Although I had accepted and was glad to have a day with just my sister, I needed that day with all my friends and family. I was right in the middle of the "Days Tamika Lost It" and that day, "Tam's Something Blue Day", was right on time. I could do it again and again! Thanks guys! (I'll post some pics eventually)

18 more days ya'll!!!

That's my peace!