Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Up and Update

So... I'm feeling a little better and I didn't want to leave you guys thinking I was still having a horrible day. I have since recovered. Idk if it was the delicious sandwich I had for lunch, the delightful FrozenYo that I had as a break time snack, the joy of leaving out of this office and sitting in the park for a while as I ate my frozen yogurt treat, the quality time with my work bff Kaitlyn, the sun finally shining, or you guys' prayers and encouragement... or possibly a combination of it all! Whateverthecase (yes, always one word. lol) I feel better and you should know it!
I read over my last week's Mid week blues blog and I realized I have not updated you on any of the occurrences from last week's issues. So, on that note...
Firstly, my bff is awesome. So strong and loving... even when she is going through something, she manages to help me through whatever I'm going through. Make sure you find yourself a friend like mine! (but get your own, k?)
Secondly, I forgot all about Zumba until my work bff asked me did I go last night. O_o oh yea... Zumba, no I didn't go. So not committed, Idk why I didnt love it. I expected to LOVE it!!!
Thirdly, a BYOB club book has been decided on... Such A Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb!!! I'm excited to get to reading! Feel free to read along with BYOB and let me know if you're interested in joining us for the discussion :)  (now I just need to get the book which is NOT in the PG County library) HUMPH!
Fourthly, the toothache is still doing it's own thing :( I know I should go to the dentist but it's always something with these teeth! It's starting to make me ANGRY
And last but certainly not least... this (not so) diet. I have been being a real slacker. It started all well, I was committed... then idk what happened, the motivation is departing. I will get back into the swing of things, but I really NEEDED that FrozenYo today. I tried 3 new flavors (peach, cherry and red velvet)... all YUM! I also added my all time fave dulce de leche, a few cone pieces, some graham cracker "dust" and a cherry :) #frozenyogurtheaven.
I mentioned my hair last Wednesday... and how I need new hair ideas. I have been a natural hair mess this week. First off, it needs a wash. I just cant see how I am gonna be able to devote time to this "stretched afro" routine... I love my blow dryer. It is a lifesaver, how am I supposed to let it go??? it's what's best, I know. I hope to get it done today. Still no new natural hair idea, thanks guys for all your (sarcastic) help! This week, I've just been in a ponytailed bun with a flat twist coming from the front to the side and into the ponytail (if that makes sense). Pretty much not letting my hair flow in all it's natural glory. But I will get it together... watch!

One thing I know... it'll all be alright! Glad my day found it's way up. Hope you guy's are making the most of your Wednesday... that's my peace!

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