Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair Revelation Revolution

Monday feels (felt) good today (yesterday). Usually, I dread Monday mornings... but this (that) morning I felt good! I had a nice full weekend, filled with fun times and spent with good friends. I swear I love those ladies. My soul sister (who I rarely get to see) celebrated her birthday this weekend. I love her sosososo much! She is like my personality doppelganger... quiet unless comfortable, sweet unless provoked and just REAL and FUN! No judgements, no phoniness, a breath of fresh air (do I see myself that way? hhmmm, I must). I relish the time I do spend with her. I hope she enjoyed her birthday weekend... I can't wait til next year! Happy Birthday!

Well, it's Tuesday now. And despite the shade the J guy was throwing me this morning, I'm feeling good! (joy in spite..)
Over the weekend I had a hair revelation revolution! Saturday morning, I decided I was not going to get up and straighten my hair with the flat iron. I decided that I was going to wash my hair and make magic happen! I worked out real good then I got in the shower and washed my hair! When I got out, I conditioned it with my Wen shampoo/conditioner/leave-in conditioner (thanks g-ma for putting me on) and plaited it into four braids (process used for "stretched afro"). Then I went about my day (four braids and all, hat on). I took the hat off in the car with the windows down to let the air help dry my hair. But the objective was to leave the braids in til my hair was completely dry. I went about my day (good thing I didn't have many plans) and when I got home I put flexi rods on the end of each braid to give it a curl at the ends. By the time I was ready to go out Saturday night I had a dried stretched afro... that, if I say so myself, was pretty HOT! I loved it and it was very conducive to the hot air and uncontrollable sweating that happens in the club. My hair only got better and fuller in all that heat, unlike that straightened. No matter how fabulous my straightened hair started out, let a drop of water fall on it... DONE!

stretched afro tamed for work...
twist out/bantu knot out
Knowing I had to go to work Monday (and they are not yet ready for my natural hair in all its fabulousness), I took the time Sunday night to oil and moisturize it, then twist out/bantu knot it overnight (the same hair I attempted to give Kai). Monday morning brought for another day of really awesome hair. I'm proud of myself for my new found courage to experiment with my natural hair. Work out (minus the worry of keeping straight hair), here I come! Uh oh, watch out now! :)

Today I intended to cover the blog challenge: A letter to someone who hurt you. I even wrote the letter in my mind while I was laying in bed this morning, but... maybe that wasn't a good idea. I let myself have that moment, cried myself back to sleep for my last 45 minutes of sleep and woke up feeling good. So we'll leave that alone today, k? thanks

We're almost to the Hump of the week... enjoy your Tuesday and be blessed. Have a revelation revolution of your own, then tell me about it! I think I'm on to something and I'm excited! Get excited with me... sucks to be alone in your excitement :(

Whoop Whoop!!! That's my peace!

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  1. I wit u every step of the way. I love u cause I want to not cause I have to. Wit that bein said. "Do u boo boo" lol I'm here for ya