Friday, September 9, 2011

I Believe in You!

Happy Friday! :) The sun is finally shining today... YAY! I am feeling good today, the sun makes a major difference in your mood. Whodathunkit? I was feeling kinda drab and sleepy this morning but all of a sudden I'm rejuvenated!
This morning I was at CVS at 6 a.m. to buy a bag of chocolates for I-kai's political campaign. She is running for Vice president of her 6th grade class, she talked herself out of President because she's new to the school and I talked her out of treasurer because she's just fit to be a leader (in my mommy opinion). But she was sooo convinced that she shouldn't shoot so high because she's new and doesn't have many friends yet. But as her mommy, it is my job to encourage her dreams, even when they seem out of reach to her. We decided that VP was a happy attainable medium and that since her new friend is running for President, maybe its best not to rattle the new friendship (which I had to respect). I understand how 11 year old politics are... so wishy washy. So I convinced her she'd be a wonderful VP and so what she was new... "you're awesome! You're smart, kind, gorgeous... politics is all about looks babe and I've seen those other kids! You're funny, personable. Babe, I believe in you. You just have to believe in yourself." (I reiterated my belief in her in today's lunch box note :) just in case she forgot throughout the day) I made her posters, bought her the chocolates to win over the insatiable cravings of those 6th graders, went over her speech, gave her Presidential hair, cleaned the sleep from her eye "how are you going to be VP with a dirty face?" Told her I love her, prayed over her and sent her on her way. I thought about it all day...

I-Kai Keys
Responsible, Trustworthy & Kind!

and then, not too long ago I got the call. Kaia won! "YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!" I am so proud of her. Glad I was there to help her through it. Thankful that I get to celebrate her success with her (instead of mending a disappointed heart). Just these moments... *tear* they mean so much and often get taken for granted. I'd like to think I am I-kai's biggest cheerleader. I look forward to these moments where I get to witness her successes (even the little ones). Walking, potty training, first days of school, riding her bike for the first time, winning Student Council VP, Elementary Honor Society inductions... I love it all! She is my Awesome I-kai, my greatest accomplishment, my love, my sweet, my gorgeous, facetious little boo!
I just want to remind you all to love and encourage your children openly. Their little spirits need to hear it from you... let them know you believe in them. Support them in their journeys, cheer them through their successes and comfort them through their failures. Teach them to be humble but also teach them to shoot for the moon!  

I love you all! Enjoy this weekend, cherish the moments... That's my peace!

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