Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mid week blues

It's Wednesday! the day I love so much doesn't feel as good today. Don't get me wrong, I am having a good day but something just doesn't feel right.
First, I need to call my best friend. I miss her happy voice.
Second, my body is super sore from Zumba last night. Idk how I feel about that class... it was ok. Maybe I needed a buddy, my madre BAILED on me. Thanks mom (sarcastically) but at least I kept motivated and still went. I have a hard time motivationg myself, but the J guy and my fav J girl (lol, Jules) were both very helpful in encouraging me. Thanks ya'll! It felt good although I am not yet convinced I am going to be a Zumba regular...
Thirdly, I am a loser for still not having chosen a book for BYOB yet. I had to nix the book club vote because it was too difficult to get our hands on, so now there is no book! I need to READ. My soul is aching for a good book.
D: (lol, fourthly.. that was a joke) I have a slight toothache! That is THEE worst!
E: I am on this "diet" and I'm a little hungry... this oatmeal and salad may not carry me to dinner, I'm gonna go get a snack (healthy of course). Pray for me guys! I just feel like... something I can't explain. I'm gonna get that snack and work on the BYOB choice. I cant leave my people out here bookless (knowledge is power).

Another thing, I need to look into new hair ideas... as much as I am loving my "hair revelation revolution", I'm honestly getting a little bored with myself. I need another natural look! Any ideas? So I've got some work to do... snack, book, hair ideas!
You guys enjoy the rest of this Wednesday ( I typed Monday first, lol. That's kinda how I feel... like Monday drab)! I have a date with my mom tonight, I don't think she'll stand me up two nights in a row (let's hope). I need to entertain myself in the city til showtime, anyone in the city this evening? Want to enjoy a salad or some soup with me? Call me! (lol)

That's my peace!

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