Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Friday again! (in my mind)

good morning free world! Happy Monday! Last night I woke up to the tv still being on and what do I see on tv? Our favorite tv pastor... Joel Osteen. I love Joel, he's so (annoyingly) positive and happy. At the end of the program, he promoted his new book, Every Day A Friday where he explains that research shows people are happiest on Fridays. Pastor Joel Osteen tells us how we can generate this level of contentment and joy every day of the week. So, with that being said, I am trying to make my Monday feel like a Friday and maybe (MAYBE) I will make it a point to read the book. We'll see...

So I had a fun filled, awesome weekend. I filled each day with a little something and I managed to see just about everyone I love at some point, YAY ME! But seriously, I fit a whole lot into one weekend, it was super. I got home Friday evening and went to a class at church with my mom. Later that night, I went with the J guy to his show and met up with my friend Gifta. Saturday I took Kai and Nae to my niece/cousin Lexi's Birthday party at the "cupcake" pavillion (term cupcake used very loosely, it tasted like no cupcake I'd ever eaten nor would ever want to eat again). My favorite aunt Lisa and Uncle Ronnie's daughter turns 7 this week... I so love my Lexi. My sister Jules showed her pretty face there with her hubby Garrick and my wonderfully beautifully awesome nieces Jaryn, Jaelyn and Joy :) Then I went with J to his oldest daughter's birthday party at D&B. Later Saturday night, I got to see my #1 bestest Chelita for the fight party... good friends, fun times! I brought J with me and sometimes mixing your boo and your friends is NOT a good idea. I loosen up when J is around. Most of my "homies" only know uptight Tamika, but I forgot to be uptight with J there... (I will not tell the story of our affection causing big jokes, glad everyone (especially Suzette and "Chocolate") had good laughs at our expense, THE END). My sis and my brother Kirk came through for the "fight". Man, that fight... interesante! SMH. Sunday I got up and went to church, stopped by my grandma's house and then to the movies with J. Uhhh... K. Hart, you disappointed me! But... that was J's movie choice. It's his birthday week, so... he's the boss! Hopefully, the week doesn't fall apart with him in charge (lol, j/k). Overall, I had a good weekend and now it's Monday and I feel good. A little sleepy, but good!

Feeling a lot more awake this afternoon than I did this morning! Happy Afternoon! While I was out getting my lunch, this lady says to me... "Girl you are doing it in those tights!" I politely smiled and said thank you. She then said, "you know WE dont usually compliment each other but GIRL we should and I had to let you know I love them tights." I told her I appreciated her telling me and that she made my day! Then immediately, I thought how this is exactly what I was talking about from last week... words of affirmation and filling a bucket personified! And even this lovely black woman, whom I do NOT know, realizes that we should make it an effort to love, encourage and support one another with our words! Even something as simple as telling someone they look nice (especially a stranger). She really did make my day and at the same time reaffirmed my quest to fill buckets and encourage others to do the same. WHY NOT compliment someone who you think looks nice? Why not tell your friends, spouse, family you love them? Make it a habit to share words of affirmation with loved ones, strangers and friends. It's a bucket filling movement! Join me PLEASE!

And in the spirit of bucket filling I shared my Victoria's Secret free panty coupon with my work bff Kaitlyn. She makes working in my office more pleasant and I appreciate her positive outlook on (literally) EVERYTHING! She makes my heart smile.
Speaking of sharing... 3 times this weekend I had to give 3 different children at 3 different moments the speech about sharing. "I encourage everyone to share! Sharing is the nice thing to do. It pleases me and more importantly, it pleases God. Although I want everyone to share and I encourage it, I will not, cannot and refuse to force you to share. I would hope that everyone would be a willing sharer, knowing when you do not share you disappoint me... but more importantly you are disappointing God. I trust you to make the right choice." Then I walk away or tell them they can go now. Sometimes, after the speech, sharing happens... often times it doesn't and most times I have no idea what happens next because I don't follow up. But I am serious about not forcing the kiddies to share. I used to, but it really is a waste. Eventually, as parents, we have to give the instruction, share the consequence, express our hope and then walk away and trust our children to make the right choices. They won't always do what we hope, we won't always know every choice they make. But we have to make sure we do our job instructing them, then trust our efforts, pray over them and hope for the best. I am not saying, I'm going about this the right way and I'd really like your opinions on it. What do you think? Should I just say "share with your sister!" And leave them no options? Or, what? Let me know what you think and in the meantime, pray for me #seriously.

Everyone enjoy the rest of the work week and try to make "every day a Friday"! That's my peace!

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