Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Picture of Peace

It's Thursday, September 29th 2011... it's my baby Nae's 15th birthday! Happy Birthday Nae! I love you. I'm so excited about birthdays, especially those for the people I LOVE love love. I hope Nae is having a great day exploring the city, being a big girl.

I realized I hadn't finish all the blog topics yet so... a picture of something that is important to me? Can I take a picture of my sanity? That's super important to me. What would a photo of sanity look like? (I tried to google it... nothing!)
Love is also important to me... feeling it, giving it, receiving it, expressing it, being it. Everything about it! I love love.
And my peace... I would fight a war to protect my peace! (contradictory, I know) But my peace is worth the fight!
In other news... I bought the BYOB club book yesterday. It was $11 at Barnes & Noble, the guy gave me 30% discount because the pages weren't binded correctly. I told him it would take away from the joy of me reading the book, he went with it (lol). That was a day maker. Also yesterday, I got to hold a baby :) trying to resist the "fever" that sets in when most women my age come in close contact with a newborn. Resist, resist! What else? Did I mention today is my Nae's birthday? I think I did, hmmm... I think that may be it. I desperately need to wash this hair TONIGHT! If I don't, I welcome you all to disown me... forreals, its that bad! It doesn't smell or anything, just looks gross. Pray for me, thanks!
Is there anything else? No, I guess not. You guys enjoy this partly sunny Thursday. Wish my Nae a Happy Birthday if you get a chance and she is accepting gifts. I have to fit alot of things into this evening, wish me luck!
That's my peace!

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