Thursday, September 8, 2011

JOY in spite of

I'm starting this not knowing what I'm going to talk about today. First of all... Happy Thursday! Secondly, this rain is ridiculous but I am TRYING to be a ray of sunshine despite the gloomy weather. Thirdly, I forgot to talk to Kai yesterday when I got home (like I knew I would...) but I know she has a good head on her shoulders. I'm really not too worried about her. I like to reinforce certain things when they come up, but overall I know she's a good girl. I did remember to reinforce being a leader in today's lunch note though. "be successful, be a leader. I love you" :) I know the lunch notes are a little corny but I also know she appreciates them. On the days that aren't going well for her, they bring a touch of balance and security. A reminder that she has a mom at home who loves her and will be there to hug her and love on her. It's just a little touch of love in her lunchbox... thinking back, my mom did it for me. She used to write notes on our napkins... I remember that and cherish that memory. I want the same for Ikaia. Coincidentally, Jules does it too (she's super mom though). We've never discussed doing it, it just so happens we both do. Must be one of those childhood memories Gigi created for us. It was a sweet gesture. :)
Anywhoozle (I've got nothing else soooo...) The blog challenge for today: Something that makes you happy?
Well, if I wanted to get all technical and make it deep for you I'd say "happiness is temporary and joy is eternal" or that "happiness can never be bought, given or copied. It can only be chosen." But what they hey, let's keep it light today (maybe)...

Proverbs 15:13 A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit

It makes me happy to see Ikaia's smile. That girl is tough! Being her mom has got to be the hardest job yet! But oh when she smiles... it's the best feeling ever. I work everyday just to put a smile on her face. I am pretty tough on her most times, but I cannot deny the hold she has on my heart. Knowing I am the mother of IJK*  and seeing the beautiful, smart, funny young lady she is growing up to be... that makes me HAPPY!
I feel like this could go on for days, so... to all the people in my life (I'm more than certain I've mentioned all or most of you at some point). I only surround myself with people that make me happy. I weed out the others along the way, no point in making myself miserable with the unmentionables and stringing them along for the sake of numbers... once you're out, you're out! #nobacksies. I will love and forgive and pray for you from a distance and wish you the best as you go on your way (the other way)! It is a lesson I've had to learn the hard way. Keeping people around that only intend to do you harm... eventually you drop your guard on them, and they do harm you. I don't have time for that in my life anymore. I've got JOY everlasting! (forget that momentary happiness crap!) on to the next...
The J guy makes me happy :) and even on the days he doesn't, I'm working on choosing JOY. But he's pretty on top of the Happy Tam job, he's the best! (but you already know that).
Learning new things ... KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!
Quiet moments... PEACE
Good food ... you know when you take that first bite into a delicious burger?
(I need to find the JOY in working out cause that doesn't make me happy anymore)
Talking to my mom (this is one of those things I just recently began to cherish)
Getting comments on my blog
Taking a nap on a rainy day
When I hear a favorite song
Moments with my sister (you choose which one, they're both awesome)
Sharing a laugh (specifically) with my brother
Singing at the top of my lungs
Seeing the fruit of my labor
Making someone's day
Holidays with my family (my family is pretty awesome. My grandma is way cooler than your grandma!)
New shoes :)
Finding money in my back pocket

This is one of those list that could go on FOREVER! I could fill up the pages with these that make me happy. I've been happy a lot lately though... kind of a quiet, reflective happy. JOY in spite of everything else...
Joy is something entirely different from happiness. Joy is attitude of the heart.  It is not necessarily based on something positive happening. When happiness fades away, joy remains.  Joy is something that is bigger than our current circumstances.

Hold on tight to your joy. That's my peace!

*(had to take her full name out, in hopes thats its not so easily googled~ 1/12/12)

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