Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love and Life

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I wanted to post this article I read (compliments of Jules) on Black Love and Marriage but my blog got away from me and I didn't want to overwhelm you all with too much. I agreed with the points in the article and wanted to share it with you guys...

Boris Kodjoe Tweets Advice On How To Be A Man And How To Love A Woman

Happily married actor, Boris Kodjoe in response to a friends tweets about what to look for in a man, chimed in with a list of his own on how to be a man and how to love a woman.  We give major props to Boris because he unashamedly represents marriage in a positive way and has no problem affirming his wife Nicole Arie Parker.
“- Embrace your imperfections
- Laugh at yourself. A woman likes a man who doesn’t take himself too serious.
- Fix or build something with your hands. It’ll show her that you are capable of taking care of a home.
- Know how to cook and clean. It’ll show her that you don’t need her but that you WANT her.
- Get your passport and travel. A man needs to see the world.
- Communicate without cursing. You don’t need to curse to make a point. Cursing shows lack of substance.
- In bed, take care of your woman first. When she’s satisfied you are DA MAN!!!
- Stay in shape. It’ll show her that you care about yourself and therefore are able to care about her.
- Take care of your responsibilities. Anything less is unacceptable. A boy is irresponsible, not a man.
- Open her her door and pull out her chair. It shows her that you honor traditional values. Trust me, she will do the same.
- Be present! Take her in with your eyes and ears. Your attention will make her feel loved and she won’t ever nag you.
- Read a f—ing book! (Sorry, violation of ‘no cursing’ rule) But seriously, ignorance is a major turn-off. Book on tape will do.
- Have an ambition. You don’t need to be rich but you need to show direction and motivation. Keep a job!
- Last one for today: Treat a woman the way you would want your daughter to be treated. Anything less is unacceptable.”

Ladies you may want to show this list to your man! Fellas if you’re reading this, take note.

What do you guys think? Good points, right?

On a (completely) different note.... Cherish life, yours and the people around you. Make time for the people you love and stop wasting time worrying and fighting with the folk that don't matter. We never know when life will be taken from us, so make every moment count. Love, Joy and (of course) PEACE be with you all.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that You cover her and keep her. Let her rest in Your arms of protection and love. Let her know that she doesn't have to carry it all alone, You are with her. Let her know that You are the JOY in her sorrow, the PEACE in her trouble, the LOVE in her pain. Help her to depend on You and rest in Your promises. Life and death are in Your hands and Lord we are trusting You to be the source of our strength in this moment. We love You and I thank You in advance for being who you are and giving us what we need. Help the people around her to be sensitive to her hurt and love her through her pain. I know that You will provide... In Jesus Name, AMEN!
Excuse me, I had to pray for my friend. Ain't no shame in my Jesus game! And hopefully you will add my prayer to your prayers... thanks!

Let's get this party started, fill a bucket, rejoice in the day (rain or shine) and have a piece of my PEACE! (it's yours for the taking)


  1. You are sooooo special!!! I love you MADLY!!!

  2. thanks Gi:
    1. for loving me "MADLY!!!"
    2. for commenting on my blog... it fills my bucket :)