Monday, October 3, 2011

Yummies and Snuggies!

Good Monday all! This weekend went off w/o a hitch! I got the ice cream cupcakes done, got in some reading, had a good time at Texas Roadhouse (despite the horrible service from "LaTear", but yum to the cinnamon butter... I will be making that and jarring it), and got a good amount of rest (that probably could have been devoted to one of my many new hobbies), but was much needed. The ice cream cupcakes were a hit, Nae loved them and I've decided they should be shared with the world, so here goes...

First, you will need foiled cupcake baking cups (they tear off the cupcake easier after they're done)
boxed cupcake mix or brownie mix (I have always only done brownie mix, maybe I'll try with cupcakes next time)
Mix the brownie mix as directed on the box with the water, eggs and oil.
Line a cupcake ban with the foiled cupcake cups. Pour the brownie mix into the baking cups about 1/3 of the way filled (maybe a little less) . Bake them as directed... do not over bake! With the bottom of a spoon (ice cream scooper) press into the center of the brownie cupcake (creating an indentation for the ice cream to fill in).
Allow the brownies to cool (you can refrigerate or freeze them for faster cooling time)

While the brownies are cooling, set out the ice cream so that it can soften. You can use whatever flavors you like, but this time I used...  
After the brownies are done cooling, scoop a table spoon of ice cream into the baking cups on top of the cooled brownies.

You should fill the baking cups almost to the top w/ the ice cream... be creative and mix the two if you want! After you've filled them all with, place them in the freezer for 1-2 hours or until the ice cream in frozen. While you're waiting for the ice cream to freeze, you need to make the chocolate sauce for the top layer of your dessert. 
my g-ma bought me this pot set when I moved into my 1st apartment
In a sauce pan you need to mix a can of evaporated milk, a bag of chocolate morsels and 2 tablespoons of butter. The recipe calls for a teaspoon of vanilla (but I didn't have any so I didn't use it this time... it's all good!) Mix these ingredients in a sauce pan til boiling and stir continuously until the mixture thickens. (The mixture seems like it'll never get thick, but be patient... give it some time, get it as thick as you have patience for them refrigerate it to cool. It will thicken much more in the fridge!) After the ice cream is frozen and the chocolate sauce mixture is completely cooled, remove them both from the refrigerator.

 Apply a hearty tablespoon of chocolate sauce onto the top of the frozen ice cream cupcake. The chocolate sauce will be thick from cooling in the fridge, spread it around the top of the ice cream. (You may need to wet the spoon with hot water to keep it from sticking to the chocolate sauce and to help spread it around.)

Freeze the cupcakes again to help merge the 3 layers together into a delightful frozen treat. After about an hour or longer, the 3 layers should be successfully frozen together. I usually add a dollop of coolwhip before serving. Be prepared to experience a moment of mouth watering iced happiness! These treats are simply enchanting! (if I say so myself) Nae enjoyed them, the house enjoyed them... only problem, not enough people to enjoy them all! (and these blickies don't travel well... trust me, I tried to bring some into work #fail!)

Although making these cupcakes for Nae did take up my morning sleep in time, it did make for perfect BYOB reading time as I waited!

My book and my Snuggie!

So, I knocked at least 2 things off my list the weekend (I baked and I read)... can't wait to see what happens next weekend! Everyone should consider taking up a hobby, let me know what the rest of you come up with and just when exactly you're fitting these things into your lives. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your work week, dress warm (there's a serious chill in the air) and make some ice cream cupcakes!

Jules baked this cake for Nae's bday dinner since the cupcakes can't travel! She's the!

That's my peace!

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