Friday, October 14, 2011

More Kind More Often

I just don't understand why there isn't more kindness in the world... How can people overlook the old lady standing on the train? or the blind person attempting to direct themselves through the subway? or the man who drops his briefcase and all his papers go scattering about...? I see these things daily and I react automatically. Yet, droves of people walk pass them without a second thought or glance. How?
This morning, there was a lady with the 2 small children, attempting to maneuver her way through the crowded station to get on the escalator. I slowed and allowed her to pass me and I side eyed everyone who seemed annoyed that I let her go. Why were people so annoyed though? Is everyone in that much of a rush (to get to work on a Friday), that they didn't have time to be kind? I was questioning all this as I walked up the escalator. And for a second, I thought to pat myself on the back because I am so thoughtful and kind. Then, the very next second, I retracted my "self back pat"... kindness doesn't deserve reward or credit, that is exactly how it should be! But why in the world aren't more people more kind more often?
I believe in people, I still have faith that the world is good. But where are these people? Definitely not the the Metro during rush hour... that is fasho! Is the kindness I possess something I was taught? Are parents not teaching or practicing kindness and raising kind, considerate or compassionate little people? I want to know why isn't helping someone an automatic response for some people? How can you walk away from someone in need? So many questions? And I don't know how to answer. What I do know... I will make it a point to raise kind, compassionate children. My mother always taught us "it's better to give than to receive". She made sure we volunteered with Christmas baskets at church and as Sunday school assistants. I don't specifically remember a moment when my mother stopped in her rush to help someone (then again, my mother was never in a rush. Can't be in a rush if you're always an hour early for everything...) but I do know, she was kind and taught us to be. I do know she didn't let us be selfish with our things, our time, our compassion. My sister and I shared everything. Nothing was just handed to us. Don't get me wrong, we had awesome Christmases and stuff but... we were always surprised and I think we would have been just as content with less.
What is going on in the world now? Spoiled, selfish children that don't know how to share because they aren't taught to, forced to! If every child has their own, when do they learn sharing? Why should they? Why would they? Sharing is just another form of love. I loved Jules and Kirk (Nae too, but we were grown by the time she happened) and they loved me. Our mother taught us how to share and love, not by depriving us... but by giving us enough love that we didn't need anything else. And everything we wanted and got, we appreciated and shared. Of course we had our own things and maybe sharing was an option (we don't know, I don't recall it being a problem) but we loved each other enough to share and be kind and I believe that transferred into our adult lives. Jules is the kindest person I know. Kirk... I am in awe at how kind he is (idk why I am so shocked but...), he amazes me how considerate and kind and thoughtful he is sometimes. Kudos to Gigi for raising kind children!
But what is the rest of the world doing? (revelation) Take your children to church! Give them the opportunity to learn what being Christlike is... even if they don't appear to be learning anything, at least lay the foundation. No Jesus in their hearts, no prayer in their schools? What expectation do we have at raising kind, loving children when they don't have the fullest, purest and best example of LOVE? Jesus himself!
I refuse to believe that out of all these people rushing around in the Metro, no one is a Christian. I can't fathom that! Yet, still (hardly) no one is thoughtful. And that I do not understand! I pray that we the people, in order to form a more perfect union... Just BE KIND! to anyone, to everyone, to someone in need. I'm not asking you to volunteer your Saturday in a soup kitchen, or help build a house or even give the change out of your pocket to the homeless man on the corner. I mean those random acts that we come across everyday, that we ignore... offer your seat to the lady standing (old, pregnant or otherwise), let a car turn in front of you merging into traffic, smile at someone and say hello or thank you or... anything! Just be kind for no reason other than it may make some one's day and knowing you did your part in making the world better. How hard could it be? And just imagine if everyone did it...

I apologize (no I don't) that my Friday blog feels so heavy and preachy, but it was heavy on my heart. Maybe I'll come back later to give you something lighter... but maybe not! We'll see. Just in case, enjoy your weekend and make it a point to be kind to someone (randomly).

Colossians 3:12 Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

That's my peace!

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