Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mishmash and Hodgepodge

la la la la la la la!!!! Hey! I'm still high off last night's spaghetti dinner! Talk about yummy in my tummy!
SEE... that's why this "get thin" thing isn't working...  for one, Idk when I would have time to workout faithfully. Then I go and indulge in a (beyond) delicious spaghetti dinner (with garlic bread). SMH, somehow it seems worth it... that's my problem: Too much cooking, not enough working out! SHAME! Anywhoozle... c'est la vie, right? Right!
What's new? Let's see... last weekend, Gigi bought me a scarf (did you know I LOVE scarves? Well, now you do!) and I am finally wearing it today. And it's animal print too! Thanks Gigi :)
What else? Did I mention the awesomeness of the spaghetti dinner? ( I think I may have...) Ask about me! Had the J and the kids going back for seconds, thirds if I would have let them.

I'm a little further into Little Bee by Chris Cleave... can't call it yet.

Random: The Adele station on Pandora has been changing my life... "I wish nothing but the best for you.  Don't forget me I begged, I remember you said "sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead." Such a beautiful voice Adele has.

Reminder: I need to print out a new chore chart for the kids... I forgot to mention the Family Chore Chart I made, well... I made one on Excel, because those kids and cleaning got to be overwhelming. Seeing as how they make the mess, they should take the responsibility for cleaning it up! And so far, so ok... I can't say good yet. But we're only a week in, I really believe we're on to something. Man, parenting is tough! Keep praying for me.

I'm racking my brain tryna plan for this Girl's Night In shindig... for some reason I am on an idea drought, I hate it. I usually have plans out the wazoo, or maybe... Jules usually has the plans. Dang it Jules! Are you don't unpacking yet? I need to use your brain! I'm sure I'll come up with something though. Maybe I should start with a menu... I think I'll bring back the peach lemonade for the occasion. And with that, a mishmash of (my experimental) baked goods and a hodgepodge of other eats. I know it's really just a lack of focus. I'll start focusing right now... got my pen and paper out! Watch I have plans by the end of the week. Watch!

the awesome animal print scarf from Gigi
Tomorrow is my office "mini" retreat. Mini because we used to go to the uber swanky resorts with butlers and "$$$$$" as the cost when you look it up online. This year, we're going to have an in-house meeting and then go to a nearby community center to play Minute to Win It games. (have you ever seen that show? I'll post the video....) And after, dinner at the Cactus Cantina. Needless to say, I am less than excited. I know the whole Minute to Win It thing looks fun, but the bone that produces competitiveness... well, I don't have it. There isn't a competitive bone in my body. Hopefully, I find it by tomorrow or maybe Kai will let me borrow hers for the day (idk about that girl sometimes, can't stand to lose). I'll let you know how it goes... oh yeah, I prob won't have time to visit with you tomorrow (thanks to the mini retreat) so...

Enjoy the rest of this lovely Tuesday and have a Happy Hump Day (early)! I plan to have a wonderful Wednesday... win or lose! (although I would like the grand prize days off *sigh*) I'm gonna go home and search hard for my "competitive bone", maybe I just put it away somewhere.  Here's hoping....

That's my peace!

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