Monday, October 10, 2011

Crazy Alone

Monday and I'm at work while most of you are home, still in bed, enjoying your Columbus Day holiday off... must be nice! lol, I'm not really bitter... everyone in my house had to get up and leave out as well (although some chose not to... must be nice) so I don't really feel at a loss. Of course, I would have liked to stay in bed (just like every other Monday morning) but it's ok, I'm here now. I will survive!

How was your weekend? Mine? (thanks for asking) was... pleasant? It had it's moments of frustration and confusion and CRAZY ("say no to crazy", which often means saying no to myself)... but it was good. I saw my sis :), wore my new shoes (which I love... bring on the next pair), and I had some quality Tamika time. I don't think I'm alone enough. The J was not feeling well, the kids were being crazy, I was losing my mind... so I ran away. I left out the house (alone) and did some very random wandering (alone). It's not very often I get to be alone, I don't think enough people cherish their alone time (and some of you have too much). But me, I'm hardly ever alone so when I am, it feels sooo good! I went into a furniture store and browsed... Marshalls, Ross, Target (bought some sidewalk chalk for the kids and semi browsed for things in the home section of all these stores, I love gadgets and dishes and mugs and pillows and kitchen utensils and... ). I pretty much aimlessly wandered about for no good reason, with no serious intention other than pure appreciation for "aloneness" (without any whining, questions, boredom, hunger complaints).. it was priceless! Appreciation for the little things *sigh*. I have to do that more often. I don't even think anyone called me in all that time, it was nice! So nice! Sunday I went to church and learned about "Sweet Spot Killers"... 1. crazy (Say no to crazy) 2. Not counting the cost (sacrifices, investments) and 3. blaming others (victim thinking). These are things that can/will keep you from living in your sweet spot, they are distractions preventing you from doing and living your best in whatever God has called you to do.
Then I went to visit my sis (whom I have NOT been seeing enough of lately... probably why I have been so crazy and tense). She is food for my soul, can't wait for Saturday! We have a date... yes Gigi, you can come. It's not a private date, just some Girl's Night in shopping at Michael's (the arts and craps store). Fun Fun!!!
I have not yet done my experimental baking, but I did get most of the ingredients this weekend. (will prob hold it off til GN in)

I have finished reading Such A  Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb... loved it! I'm tryna get Nae to read it so she can officially join us for BYOB. Today I started Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It was one of my Saturday alone time randomness purchases... 20% off at Target! So far, ok... but I'm only a few pages in. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.  I have not set the BYOB meeting date yet, but maybe October 29th. Will anyone be done reading by then?

I am excited about tonight's spaghetti dinner! I love spaghetti!!! the pasta, the sauce, the turkey sausage and onions and green peppers, the cheese... heaven! yummy :)

I hope most of you enjoy your Monday off, the rest of us will hold the world down and get back to work! I plan to enjoy the rest of this day. You do the same please, thanks!

Tam's Words of Wisdom for the week: Crazy is just like a drug... say NO to it! (Pastor Jay)

That is my peace!


  1. Yay!!!! that I get to go and YOU got some alone time!!!!

  2. Yay! I can read blog from my phone. Guess who?

  3. I am going to assume you are my favorite J girl!