Thursday, October 20, 2011

is it Friday yet?

Thursday? Sweet Thursday, could you bring your friend Friday please? Almost just isn't good enough this week. I NEED the weekend in a hurry... and idk why I'm trying to rush it, I'll just be busy. But I need the peace the weekend brings. Even though, most likely, I'll still be up at the crack of my mama's bum! But at least I'll have the choice... *sigh*
I get to see my sister this weekend again... yay me! And most of my favorite people.. .Yay me again! All cozy, in the house, eating good eats. If all goes as planned, everyone will bring a dish. And seeing how one of my closest friends is Guyanese, who knows? I may get some jerk chicken or some oxtails this weekend... we'll see. I'll try to remember to take some pics of all the delightful eats so you can feel a part of it all :) Hopefully, my digestive system can handle what the others bring... I'm a wuss when it comes to food, nothing too foreign. What can I say? I am an all American girl! Give me a burger and some fries! I am really looking forward to the J's wing contribution ;)... isn't he the best! Knowing I have a full plate and a busy schedule, he is right there lending a helping hand. That's why I keep him, even though I really think he's secretly hoping for an invitation to Girl's Night In. Sorry J, you can sit on the step and try to eavesdrop, but that's it! No hard feelings? :) MUAH
I have been seriously procrastinating on the work and time is winding down. I'm sure all the ladies will have a good time, even if I don't get everything done. I still need to go to the grocery store and bake but at least I have all Saturday to get it all finished up! Wish me luck.
I wish I could give you more but right now I'm so busy at work... it's ridiculous! I'll be better next week, I hope. In the meantime (in between time) let's all hope the rest of this day speeds by and tomorrow goes just as quickly. I really just want to be in bed... can any of you make that happen?

That's my peace (out)!

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