Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Banana clips, Polish and Body Snatchers!

It's only Tuesday guys...

Right now on my mind: I am desperate to find a fabulous jacket and awesome wedge booties (preferably gray or a navy blue). My mind automatically scans to black whenever I shop but I am adamant about not buying black boots (not this first go round anyway). I have an awesome black pair that can stand to be resoled (if ever I get around to taking them).
Today, I am not myself. My hair didn't want to cooperate this morning, so I worked diligently at getting this banana clip into my hair (or my hair into this banana clip, whichever). I have been trying, off and on for about 3 weeks, to get this thing to work successfully. Oh, I would get it in there but it wouldn't be cute, that's for sure! I'm not even going to go as far as saying it's cute today, but its in there and I (guess) I don't feel too crazy. I have been tryna figure out why I have been such an ineffective natural... my problem: My hair is too curly to wear straight and too straight to wear in a natural style. This soft hair, although it is the envy of my peers, is a nuisance! I must say though, I am proud that I have NOT, not once, used any heat source on it whatsoever since my the weekend before my Hair Revelation Revolution and that was exactly 3 weeks ago today that I posted that...YAY me! I should start documenting this hair journey with photos, not that I'm having awesome hair days or anything (it is what it is and I have accepted it). Some days I LOVE it, some days I don't. C'est la vie... Anywhoozle, like I said, I am not myself today. I have polished nails (silver at that) and I am wearing my hair in a banana clipped ponytail. The only thing I recognize is I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts... maybe done intentionally so as not to lose my mind throughout the day wondering just whom exactly is invading my body other than myself... ummmm, so random I know but I think the BYOB book is getting to me, HA! It is an interesting read, try it out and come and talk it over with the group (shameless BYOB plug, lol). But anyways... the to do list: find a thrifty fab jacket and boots, further my hair experimentation, attempt being a girly girl with polished nails, read or die (trying), avoid looking goth in all black and protect myself from having my brain invaded by thought stealing leeches! 

Ok, cant take up too much more time with you guys, I have work to do... work meaning online searching/ shopping for my fall fashions! Happy Tuesday!
I have successfully lifted myself out of the pits with my ridiculous blogging :)

That's my PEACE out!

Don't ignore my shameless BYOB plug... read the book!


  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I absolutely LOVE your blog!!!!(and not just because I'm your mother)