Friday, October 7, 2011

Save a Child!

Hey, I need to vent...

My daughter's chorus teacher called me today. He said to me "Ms. Keys, Ikaia is an exceptional child. She is smart and well spoken and talented. That is why I had to meet you that night at Back to School night, I needed to know who this child comes from. I want to impress upon you to look for an alternative to sending her to Walker Mill M.S., she will be stifled there and possibly worse. She is too amazing a child to attend such a school, please take it upon yourself to give her more of a chance than that. Her spirit will be crushed there." He went on to further compliment my sweet Kai and he also continued on, in extensive detail, about how horrible the middle school in our area is. I was, one, very proud that Kai gets recognized so often. It is a joy to get a positive call from school about how amazing your child is. He went out of his way to acknowledge the wonderful traits he sees in my child. But sadly, I felt very discouraged. It is not an easy task to get your child into a better school, aside from moving out of the area. It's sad that this is what I have to face just because of where I live (and I don't live in a bad neighborhood), but P.G. County is setting our children up to fail! And that makes me sad... my anxiety, fear and sadness grew when I found out Kai's progress report grades. She received one 'B' and the rest 'A's... that just made it all more real. My girl is very serious about school work and grades. She wants and expects the best for herself. I am more than proud when I come home and see her reading a book, not watching tv... sitting outside on the deck READING. I love hearing her desires to be a marine biologist or a veternarian. I am overjoyed when she asks to go to museums and would rather spend her Saturday on a learning field trip than watching Saturday morning cartoons. She has a thirst for knowledge that makes my heart proud. But at the same time, I feel discouraged and disheartened... I dont know what to do or how to save her. I've been looking into better schools, private schools I can't afford, applying for TAG schools and praying really really hard.
Over some time, I've learned not to carry a burden alone. When I dont make myself worry about something all by myself, it's amazing the solutions that emerge. I encourage you all to pray and (not) worry with me.

Thanks for letting me vent... *sigh*

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