Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey there, it's another Wednesday (that's just how it's been going lately) ... I've missed you guys but I haven't known what to talk about with you. I want to start off letting you know that Girl's Night In was amazing (I didnt take any pics at all but the other ladies did). All the ladies had an awesome time (so I was told). Good times, good friends and good food! Not so much my experimental baked goods... I dont even want to talk about it! I didnt even eat them but neither did anyone else, so... I get the hint! I believe the mini apple pies were good, but I didnt have enough appetite to thoroughly give them a chance. I may try those again, but the sugar cookies with the hershey kiss inside... never again! Other than that, all went well! Everyone was happy and had a good time. Suggestion: Play the game "I've Never..." with your friends. It's a real ice breaker.
Scary: I'm still "reading" Little Bee by Chris Cleave and by "reading" I mean carrying it in my purse... lol

And a Happy "Hallelujah It's Friday" to you! I promise to come back Monday with a better attitude than this past week. Please don't hold me to it though...

I suck, I know! But I am really doing my best. I wish you all a happy dappy weekend!

That's (barely a piece of) my peace!

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