Wednesday, October 5, 2011 No More!

Wednesday goodness is BACK! The last couple of Wednesdays have been and I was not liking that AT ALL! I'm glad to have Wednesday back, we're almost done... YAY! We've conquered two full work days already. Do you feel the excitement I feel? Maybe it's cause the sun is shining bright today... maybe it's just cause I am alive and (semi) well. (I refuse to let this "cold" knock me all the way out... I refuse!). Maybe it's just cause it's Wednesday and I chose to have the Joy of the Lord today! Let's go with that.
I don't really have anything specific to cover today. And when that happens, I see it as the perfect opportunity to revert back to the "blog challenge". Although today's challenge seems futile... Who are you?
Well... since we've been doing this for awhile now, I feel like I'd be stating the obvious.
♫♪ If you don't know me by now... ♫♪. I'm Tamika! I like to read and write. I'm 5'4", dark brown hair and eyes. I like long walks on the beach... (ok, not really) lol. I just cant seem to formulate a whole blog about me (specifically). I feel like we've gotten to know each other pretty well by now, right? How about if there's anything about me you feel like you're just dying to know or have been waiting for me to cover... just ask me! I am (almost) an open book. I do like to keep a bit of my life private, but I don't have any secrets. So, if there's anything you really want to know, feel free to ask me and I'll either cover it in the comment section or dedicate a blog around it (possibly).
On to other things... bowling and polished nails don't go well together! lol
I still haven't found the shoes and jacket I'm looking for. Although I did see some cute shoes in Filene's last week and then they sent me a coupon today... (they're tempting me). But the shoes aren't as fab as I imagined them to be in my head and I don't want to settle. So the search continues!
What else?
Such A Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb just gets better everyday. I am thoroughly enjoying the read.
Also, I am (in my mind) planning to do some experimental baking. I saw a few new recipes I really want to try, and I have a function at which I plan to try them... can't wait!
Kaia and I used to have date day before the summer started. Life gets so hectic and busy, we used to just hang out every other Wednesday just to get some good quality time in with each other. She has been asking if we could bring it back. Maybe we'll try it today. And maybe she and Nae could alternate Wednesdays... I'll let you know how/if this all works out.
I had a delicious sandwich today for lunch (its called The Recess Club), I get it from this market by my job. It is turkey and ham on wheat w/ bacon, lettuce, mayo and Russian dressing... of course that's not how it comes, I had to tweak it a little (minus the tomato and honey mustard and the mayo and communist dressing are my additions)...  but right now I could use some floss. Man these teeth!

Oh yea... the banana clip made a reappearance today! It got a few good reviews... one kid told me I looked "childish" in an attempt to compliment me (I think she meant youthful). "Forgive them for they know not what they do"

That's all (the randomness) I got for today. Happy Hump Day! That's my peace!

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