Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's Your Favorite Movie?

First of all, Happy Wednesday! And I certainly hope today is a happy one forreals. Yesterday ended up in the toilet somehow. It was a real roller coaster, but one thing I know for certain... it was ME! More than usual, I was a real B-I... I was moody and easily annoyed and just crazy! and I could feel it. Now I saw some people that would be like "yea right Tamika, you were awesome yesterday" cause there was some time when I was pleasant and fun loving and my usual AWESOMENESS.  But that same girl didn't come home. And the poor folk up in my house... whoa buddy! But today I "purpose to have an extraordinary day" *in my Aunt Lisa voice* ha! 
anywhoozle... What's your favorite movie? Much like the favorite song thing, this is too broad a question. Or maybe I am just uber indecisive. In real life I can barely make my mind up about anything. At restaurants I ask everyone I'm with what they're having. Deciding the lunch spot daily is an issue and when I don't know what to choose, I just repeat an old favorite or yesterday's meal. Ridiculous! but... that's me! and it's always been me, I blame Jules! She always just told me what to do or I just did what she did. No mind of my own, I'm a loser! ok, not really. I digress...
Yesterday I was a so moody and crazy, you know what I could have used? A good comedy. I LOVE funny movies. My favorite movie right now is Bridesmaids! I went to see that movie with my sis and I literally LMAO!!! Another favorite is 40 Year Old Virgin, cant nobody say that movie ain't funny! (excuse my triple negative). But that's how funny it was...
Ok, so being the indecisive girl that I am, here is a list of my favorite movies (I guess) by genre. Cause how could I possibly put an action movie against a love story? Impossible!
Disclaimer: I would really like to challenge all of my choices and start again and decide what my favorites are but these choices are the movies I've convinced myself are my favorites for awhile now.

Romance- Love Jones (Nia Long and Larenz Tate all day!) Yes!
RomCom- How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days (don't judge me!)
Comedy- was 40 Year Old Virgin until this summer's Bridesmaids came out
Action- I've been telling myself that it is A Long Kiss Goodnight with Sam J. and Gina Davis for years but this one I would especially like to challenge and decide again. But as it stands today...
Scary- I'm not a big scary movie fan, but I'm going to make Saw series (probably only up til the 3rd or 4th one) fall into this category although its more gore than scary.
Drama- The Color Purple! (the musical was the awesomeness also)
Documentary- All things Michael Moore but Sicko was my favorite. Documentary I did NOT like: Religulous (check it out though)
Musical- The Sound of Music wait maybe Grease, idk
SciFi- I dont really do SciFi, hmmm... is I am Legend Sci fi? What about the 20,000 Leagues remake movie? ummm.... there is Will Smith and all his alien movies (Independence Day/ I,Robot?) uhhh, Idk... you pick one for me!
Is Comicbook a genre or is that under action or Sci fi or something? if so, X-Men

Ok so most of these choices are ones I decided way long ago just so I would have an answer when someone asked what my favorite movies are. I don't want to be held and hog tied to these. Maybe I'll watch some movies and have a list do over.
As much as I want to, I'm not even gonna broach the subject of how I am NOT a big fan of black movies. It is a sad realization but (because I love them) I just expect and want more from my people! You will NOT catch me being the first in line for a Tyler Perry movie though. #thatisall!
Let me add that I used to think Netflix was awesome! I used to be a serious promoter of them (they should've paid me). Now they're just alright. Either I am going to the movies so much that I don't optimize them as thoroughly or I am tainted by their recent price change and haven't gotten over it yet. Either way... THEY ARE ON MY LIST!  
Hope I helped you over the hump and there's your peace of Tam for the day! :)

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  1. Hello! I was reading over this and I would be amiss if I did NOT mention The Hunger Games movie coming out in 2 weeks. I'd like to backsies on my "I dont really do SciFi" comment...You don't like Sci fi until an awesome book/movie proves you different! #TheHungerGames!!!! #thatisall.