Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My favorite song?

GOOD Morning! Forreals I feel good today... *exhales and smiles* There is sooo much I want to talk about but as much as I want to stray from the 30 Day Challenge already and get down to real business, I think I may need to do this to hold myself accountable. Namtalmbout? (know what I'm talking about) lol. The whole "30 days to make a habit..." thing. Well by nature I am a rebel and a rule breaker, contrary, against the grain, difficult, hard headed... how else can I put it? I do my own thang! So if by chance I get off "30 Day Challenge" topic, please don't sue me... I really just can't help myself. Anywhoozle...
To ask someone their favorite song is like asking them which child is their favorite. Am I right? Like, really who does that? It just isn't fair for the person who has to answer that question. Cause I love them all! I love them equally, yet in different ways for different reasons. Namtalmbout? They're all special to me. I don't want to hurt anyone of "their" feelings or hurt myself by feeling like I have to choose. I don't! You may pay special attention to the new ones cause their new and fresh like a newborn and just need the time and nurturing to develop in your heart and mind. But the older ones, the teenagers, they are tried and true. They've withstood time and formed countless memories. I'd cry if I had to exclude the others and pick just one. I could never just choose one... but I'd be more than happy to give you a small sample of a few of them that really melted themselves into a peace of Tam :)
Disclaimer: this list is definitely not listed in any particular order, just as they come to mind) I'm so indecisive and wavering. haha, learning so much about myself today. Back to it...

The first one that comes to mind is good ole L.Boogie. Lauryn Hill back in the day was the BUSINESS! Don't even open your mouth to argue... There are so many of her songs that I love and I'm sitting here tryna decide between Ex-Factor, The Sweetest Thing and Turn Your Lights Down Low. I think I'm gonna give it to Ex-Factor though.

Then Corrine Bailey Rae- Like A Star. This song really soothes my soul. I close my eyes and just feel refreshed when I hear this song, makes me wanna hear it right now. *exhales* She has such a soothing voice, love her!

All things Maxwell! #thatisall
All things Raheem Devaughn
Despite her personal life, All things Alicia Keys (she my play cousin) lol, but Diary is my favorite
J. Hud - If This Isn't Love :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_Iqk3t6lT0

Most things Usher, but especially currently There Goes My Baby for the timing and the memories it gives me ;) ♥
Most things Musiq Soulchild

♥ The S.T.E.E.L Band (not taking anything away from them as a group) but only cause I love to see the J guy perform

In my blog bio, I said I love music that either soothes my soul or rocks my hips and I would be amiss if I didn't mention Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown- Drop it Low. Ha!  Now I have to admit, I have no idea who this chick is, where she came from, any other songs she has... nada! But let this song come on in the club. Oh! it's on... lls!!!

I could go on forever, trust! But for the sake of not boring anyone and getting my 9-5 work done, I'm gonna leave it at that. I'm about to either crank some C. Brown (despite his personal life, I heart him too) or soothe out to Corinne Bailey Rae.There's your peace of Tam for the day...
What's your favorite song?

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  1. Can I change my mind about the my favorite Lauryn Hill song? Of course, I can do whatever I want! Well, I want to give it to "Turn The Lights Down Low" instead.
    And, I want to mention how much I love 90's R&B! ok, thats it. I'll try not to come back and ammend any other choices but, no promises!