Thursday, July 21, 2011

First date? No thank you!

It's Thursday, YES! Countdown to the weekend is looking good. It's supposed to be a real scorcher for the next few days, so everyone safely enjoy the day. Make sure to keep cool and hydrated, ok?
About this whole first date thing... I'm not interested. I dont want to go on a first date with a new guy. I want the 100th date with the same guy who continues to consistently amaze me. Why would I rather have awkward "get to know you" convo when I can have comfortable "I already know what you're thinking" time with someone I already know and love. Maybe I should imagine a 1st date with that person just for the sake of the task, but even that doesnt sound very fun. I'm so guarded and paranoid, Idk if I've ever had a good time on a first date unless I already really knew this person. How often have I dated a "friend"? hmmm, once or twice or three times. And they were some pretty good dates, I must say but... anywhoozle. I'll give you the deets on the ideal date I recently had!
So, date day with the J guy last week, and I think it was perfect. First we went to breakfast at IHOP. Who doesnt love IHOP, right? Then we drove to the Baltimore Harbor. Now had this been a first date with a new guy, Idk if I could've been comfortable on the car ride all the way to Bmore... whole time I woulda been thinking "where are you taking me?" I am not that trusting just to be riding around the world with any Tom, Dick or Harry. nuh uh, not me! I refuse to have my family on the news talking about "last we heard from her she was going on a date with this guy." If anyone knows the whereabouts of this woman or has any information on her disappearance please call... pppsshhhhh. Ok, so maybe thats a bit dramatic, but in this day and age this is the kinds of things we need to consider before you go anywhere with anybody.
 And what would we talk about? I guess I'm not really that awkward and eventually my fun loving wittiness would have come out... maybe? Idk how "first impression Tamika" comes off? I am so sarcastic, it often gets mistaken with being mean and rude. I cant remember the last time I went on a real first date so all this could just be speculation, but whatevs... my perception, my reality. So back to the "audience approved pieces" of my awesome date day...
Once to Bmore, we went to the aquarium. I've never been so it was a nice first experience. Then we walked around a bit and decided on lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, then the mall and shopping (would a 1st date guy take me shopping? I'm not THAT girl so prolly not!), then a manicure then more walking and talking and just being together. Then we drove back towards home in time to catch Horrible Bosses at the movies (it was ok, I laughed but it was NO Bridesmaids!). Did we not eat dinner this day? I dont recall a dinner but the wonderful day was on such a cloud, that I'm having a little trouble remembering all the specific deets. Anywhoozle, you get the drift. I had an awesome day with someone I already know and love which beats any first date with any one on anyday! It may be our 100th date but I'd much rather have that than a bunch of new awkward moments getting to know Tom Dick Harry. You dont agree? Well, tell me about it! I said my "peace of Tam" for the day. Get it, got it? Good! :)

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