Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taboo is serious!!!

So, I was having a conversation with (who other than) Jules... I do have other friends (maybe not after this post though) lol, but we were discussing the importance of education, knowledge, smarts, common sense i.e not being an idiot! And the game Taboo was mentioned. Now, we love this game and we are both pretty darn good at it (if I say so myself). I hope not to offend anyone who sucks at Taboo but if you cant play a decent game of Taboo, you are an IDIOT! (ok, maybe that's not completely fair)... I take that back. You may not be an idiot, but I cant respect you... too harsh? Some people's brain doesn't work that way, I understand that but there is really no excuse. This goes back to the whole topic of knowledge and reading and not living your life around the schedule of reality TV or any TV for that matter. I admit, chronic TV watching can be a plus if we're playing a game where we need someone who is versed in all things "Hollywood". You can be the go-to person for the "Entertainment" portion of trivial pursuit! Is that enough for you? Are you going to be mad that others are whooping you in Taboo? The English language is so complex and confusing that its the perfect language for a game of Taboo... so many words mean more than one thing that I don't see how anyone cant think of a way to describe something when being limited to not saying a group of words on a card. (Oh how I wish I had a Taboo card in front of me *google search*). If you don't know the game, let me give you a brief explanation...
there are cards... at the top of the card is a word you want your team to guess... (for instance "out" is the word). Also on this card are 5 words you cant say... (in, doors, exit, leave, go). How do I get my team to guess the word out without saying those 5 given words that are directly related to my word? The point is to get through as many cards as you can in an allotted time without losing points. To some... easy breezy. To others (and I cant understand it other than blaming it on idiocy), it is the most difficult, mind boggling, thought hindering concept ever.  My method, first thing that came to mind.... the easiest thing is think of a sentence that uses that word... I need to get ___ of here. I did not use those 5 listed words and I efficiently put you in the mind frame of figuring out my word. And it doesn't end there, say I have a team of less than smart people (idiots) and they don't figure it out that simply, I need to be able to think of other direction... On the show Project Runway ( I guess some reality TV watching comes in hand o_O), when Heidi Klum  sends a designer home she says... "you're___" (Don't forget you cant say "in"). Or the Diana Ross song.. I'm coming ___ (you can even sing the tune... geesh!)
Simple enough to some, right? It is unfathomable to me why this isn't equally (ok, maybe not equally but fairly) as simple to most people. Why are people unable to think outside the box? Why don't people know things that I think are just common sense? Jules said it best... "don't assume everyone has (did she say above?) average intelligence, consider everyone is below average. You cant give people so much credit." (sorry if I misquote you Jules) My bad for giving people the benefit of the doubt in the smarts department. I forget we are an exceptionally smart family and I like to think I keep the company of like people. I know my immediate friends are intelligent, so sometimes I forget the world is full of idiots... duh! Why can't I accept this? From now on, I will try.

Funny (?) story... I had a "boyfriend" and we were playing Taboo with my family... I wish I can remember the cards he got, although I believe one was "Monica Lewinsky". He didn't even know who she was. As he was attempting to explain the card, he was describing someone completely different ( I wish I could remember who he confused ML for) the point here is... who doesn't know who ML is??? REALLY?! Idiot! I cant date you! This is SERIOUS!!!!!! It just came to me... Lorena Bobbitt! Either he had card that said Lorena Bobbitt or he had Monica Lewinsky, either way he confused the two... (story would be funny if I could remember the deets, huh? lol) I digress... if you suck at Taboo, I cant respect you therefore a relationship between us cant happen! Mean? Does this blog make me sound like a jerk? well.... I am what I am! hahaha. And a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Good thing the J guy is pretty decent in Taboo or else... I have to consider these things when it comes to relationships and procreation. If more people thought about the intelligence of the person they procreate with, there'd be less baby momma/baby daddy issues! (but that's a different blog for a different day!)
Now, don't take this wrong... I don't expect everyone to be Taboo pros, being an average player where you earn some points and can describe a few words, is completely acceptable. It's not everyone's forte. You can be a math genius or an exceptional artist or something and words just isn't your thing. That's fine. I'm talking about the folk that completely freeze and are baffled when they get a card that says "watch" and they cant say look, time, wrist, clock and wears then have no clue how to describe it. (If I want to know the hour of the day, I can tell by a certain piece of jewelry with numbers, a face and a second hand that ticks round and round... lol. Or if I want a G-shock, most likely I want a ____) and I could go on for days!!!
You can tell alot about the company you keep from a game of Taboo. My advice... play with your friends. You may find out you hang with a bunch of idiots or that you in fact are one... but it doesn't have to end that way. Practice your vocabulary, that's really all it is. Being able to replace words listed on the card with synonyms (words that mean the same thing, for the idiots). Maybe there are none left reading this blog, cause all of them probably stopped reading by now either cause they were in their feelings or cause it was just too plain long... hahahaha! Your (how can I offend you? sometimes I am a jerk probably cause I'm sleepy) peace of Tam...

Game night anyone?

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