Monday, July 18, 2011

just Tam... the Intro

Well... hey! I'm Tamika Renée! (I rhymed on accident)
I am literally every woman. I am mother, daughter, sister, sister-mom, girlfriend, aunt, friend, niece, grand-daughter, (newly) blogger... everything! Then at some point, I  try to be "just Tam". I have a bundle of fears and insecurites wrapped in a covering of love and support. Sometimes, my mind  is going in every which way that I am borderline losing it, but I am loving it at the same time (it's possible... trust!). I have so many thoughts that they often run rampant and I dont know what to do with them all. So here I am... with you, hoping for somewhere to "safely" release and offer you pieces of me, "a peace of Tam". I trust you and I hope to find some joy and peace in devulging myself in pieces. The real question though: Do you trust me? Of course you do, right? Well learn me, follow me (if you like on Twitter @ThatTam_I_Am) take your time, it's all we got...

Ready, Set, Here goes... everything!

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