Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Happy Day!! la la la la la la la

Good day! (good day cause I know its not gonna be morning anymore when I finish this...) I am in such a good mood today... must be FRIDAY!!!! SO challenge today... what song matches your mood? I would think this one would come easy to me. I strongly believe life is a musical. There is a song for any and everything you can think of, agree? I walk around all day with a song in my head and randomly sing songs referenced in normal conversation... Example? Yesterday Chelita said "I have a confession." I immediately began singing Usher in my head... "these are my confessions..." and because she knows me so well, I said "sing" she began singing the same thing!!! She encourages my crazy, I ♥ her! Today the J guy mentioned someone telling him to "come talk to me... " song: Jodeci "come and talk to me, yea baby.." But you catch my drift, I have a problem! So the fact that I cant think of a song that matches my mood is just Ludacris (lol, yes the rapper!). I am not going to let this challenge defeat me.
a few songs that I love that just may happen to match my mood (swings):

Pieces of Me- Ashlee Simpson 

Bittersweet- Kanye West  (dont ask me why... but I really like this song)

The Roots (ft. E. Badu) - You Got Me

    Jay-Z ft. Linkin Park Encore/Numb

Imagine Me- Kirk Franklin

Cheers (drink to that)- Rihanna  YEAH! it's the weekend!!!

Ok, these were all very random... I know. And I'm mad it took me all day just to come up with this list, but I had a very good day listening to music (with a minimal amount of work) lol!

Another random (knowledge is power), something new I learned today...  My coworker was walking by me and said "my wenis feels very dry today..." O_o your what?  Wenis - The skin on the end of your elbow that has no feeling. Very strange word, right? Idk if it is the technical term for that body part or just something to chuckle at. Either way...

That's my peace for today! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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