Friday, July 22, 2011

"People let me tell you about my best friend..."

It's FRIDAY! Hecks yea... this is the day I wait all week for! I dont care what kinda day it is, I try to maintain my positivity on Fridays. Can't nothing get me down because it's Friday! Now, dont go testing this theory and get cussed out! It's not etched in stone, just a weekly honorable attempt.
So... my favorite photo of my best friend? I'm quite unprepared for this one. I shoulda looked ahead and cheated so I could have had a photo lined up. But whateverthecase... my best friend.
Well! Where should I begin? First of all I have 3 best friends, dont judge me! I know this isnt the task, and yes it follows the theme of Tamika the Indecisive One. But, I think this is a normal occurance, right? It happens. There are 3 people who I love and cherish and consider my bestest of friends. All different, yet trusted, tried and true. Which should I begin with? Let's start where it started, shall we?
since the beginning...

Jules ♥- (Julita is what she'd like to be called) She is my God given, from birth bestest friend. There are no words to describe just how special and important she is to me. She plays sooo many roles in my life and I know I can always depend on her and count on her to steer me in the right direction with love and truth and..... ALL THINGS WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING. She just amazes me with everything she does. She is a beautiful person inside & definitely out and a wonderful mom, I'm just so proud to call her my sister, my "jewels" (cause she's so precious to me!)

its a party, its a party, its a party!!!

Chelita Chavonne "it was inevitable"... Idk how we happened upon each other exactly. OHHS 10th-11th grade, too many classes together, mutual friends, common understanding... whateverthecase! We were put together and over the last 15 years (GEESH!), I realized if I had to do all over again and got to choose a best friend, I would choose exactly YOU! She is so funny and fun and smart and nonjudgemental and loyal and trusting and.... everything I need to feel comfortable and safe and loved. She is the perfect best friend. I dont even feel like I chose her, we kinda just happened. And since that day, I have known for certain that if ever I needed anything, she would be there. She has really grown up from old Stanky Panks. The woman she is now, I'm just so proud *tear*. I dont even think she's aware of how awesome a woman she is... so corny, but forreals! "it was inevitable" I soooo ♥ Chelita Chavonne Pankey! "The good times, the bad times... 

Last but certainly not least... the J guy! *dreamy eyes* hahaha.
"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway!!!" I cant think of a thing I haven't told this man. He knows my whole life story and still chose to be a part of it and love me. That for one is CRAZY but its also really special. He is the perfect balance to me... so calm and nice and patient and tolerant and loving and relaxed. How does he even put up with crazy me? How could I not love him? Truth... in the beginning, I sooo put him in the friend zone. Shhh... dont tell him that, k? But forreals he was my friend and he slowly but surely broke down my walls (and they were big, thick metal overlayed brick walls!). He just loved me, despite me and I grew to love and trust him unconditionally and now he is a permanent fixture in my heart. There isnt enough I can say about this man that I adore so... he is a wonderful father, a responsible "up at the crack of dawn" provider, a fixer, a cook, a "how can I make you happy today?" kinda guy... Yea be jealous bitches! lol. And he is mine!

"People let me tell you about my best friend..."  (originally from the tv show The Courtship of Eddie's Father) I love this theme song and I sing it often! lol

I feel like I should add my honorable mentions... :)

there's my brother Kirk, who has grown into a handsome young man and wonderful friend. . I know he got my back! I'm sure time and experience will catapult us to best friendship

and my soul sister Onika :) just the thought of her makes my heart smile. She is almost exactly me. I sooo love her. She is strong and tough and awesome and beautiful and funny and just gets me. I love and trust her with all thats in me! I wish I did a better job of cultivating our friendship. We definitely need to spend more time together but I know for certain and she has proved that no time or distance will affect the bond we share.

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