Thursday, December 1, 2011


Almost! It's almost Friday, I almost thought I was out of my slump (maybe "almost" I was). I almost missed the bus this morning, I almost burnt my toast, it's almost my birthday, I almost didn't let him love me, almost!

What is this word "almost"? If you say it and see it enough times in a row, it's a strange word. almost, almost, almost!
What if these "almost" incidents actually really happened? What if we were never even close? I just feel like I say "almost" a lot. Thank God it is almost Friday though!
I have been feeling some kind of way lately. I've got a lot going on, I'm having a moment of sadness, I've just been feeling kinda low... I am in this SLUMP. I thought I was almost out of the slump, but I had a minor set back. What if I was already completely out of the slump? That'd be nice. But what if I was never even close to being out? What if I was so far gone, that I couldn't even see the light at the end? What if I never even found a moment of peace? Yes, I wish I was completely healed and restored back to a clear mind, but what if I wasn't even close? What if I was still curled up, in bed, crying, feeling like dying depressed. I thank God for "almost"!
I almost missed the bus... and that sucked having to put that extra pep in my step to make sure I didn't, but what if I had missed it completely? I thank God for almost! So what about the toast! (it wasn't that delightful) lol. but bigger (much bigger) than that...

I almost didn't let J love me. I almost was too scared to be vulnerable and let my guards down, I almost walked away more times than I want to recollect and maybe, just maybe he almost let me. Thank God for almost! I realize everyday we "almost" a lot of things. Some of them good, some bad... but what if we weren't even almost? I have to cross this CRAZY busy street everyday in the dark. And everytime I just "almost" get to the other side and almost get hit, yea I'm a little peeved that I almost got hit. It isn't a good feeling, but what if it wasn't almost? I could have really gotten hit, but I didn't. Thank God for almost!
Then again, sometimes the almost feels like a disappointment. I almost passed that test, or I almost got an A, or I almost got the job... but didn't. That sucks! But what if you were never in the running? What if you completely failed, or never even got the call back? Yea, the almost sucks... but not even being "almost' would suck even worse. At least we were "almost". So, let's work on thanking God for the almost even when it doesn't work in our favor. God knows what he's doing. That "almost" wasn't in his plan for you. Maybe He's showing you the almost so you know He's capable. Maybe He's showing you the almost because He needs you to see your own heart's desires and do better, try harder, pray more. Yes, He could make it all just happen, but where's the lesson in that? Thank God for the almost!
I almost gave up, but I didn't.
I almost didn't survive it, but I did!

I wanted to post a song the last couple of days... but yesterday, I forgot my song choice and today... well, Brandy didn't know what she was talking about in her "Almost Doesn't Count" song. It counts!

I ALMOST left my marshmallows at home today... TGFA!!! (Thank GOD for ALMOST!)
that's my (almost) peace!


  1. I almost missed the chance to read this but I'm glad I did. This is inspiring and gives a different perspective on life. You think of all those times where things didn't work out in your favor but at least you got that opportunity. That's really what life's about, being able to not only accept the good and the bad but also being thankful for what God has done.

  2. Aww, Kelly! Thanks for reading my blog AND following! I was just thinking of all the things that almost happened and although I wish some had happened and that others had not, I survived it all and am learning to be grateful. Love you, thanks again for reading!

  3. You are the sweetest, smartest girl ever!!! I love you!!!

  4. I am just reading this and Tam you are AMAZING!!! I NEEDED TO READ THIS!!!