Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Happy Monday-Tuesday! I enjoyed my day off yesterday, R.A.P. to me! After taking Kai to school, I came back home and SLEPT the whole morning away... it was awesome! I eventually got up and ran a few errands, but no rushing, no hurrying. I actually especially left out to get the sequel to the BYOB book The Hunger Games. I enjoyed that book thoroughly, so I went to pick up Catching Fire and I (believe it or not) sat down on a bench in the mall and read it. ( I was waiting for J's watch to get fixed), but nonetheless, I did NOT fill the time with foolishness, just R.A.P. (Rest and peace!), chilling on the bench reading! It was deliciously wonderful. I eventually went back home and chilled out... did a little cleaning, lounged with the fam, good relaxing day. And now, here I am at work, rested and refreshed. Today is looking to be a good Monday-Tuesday! I wish I could take every Monday off, but I know my office would THINK they were falling apart. I always come back to so much work when I take days off, that's why I usually (unless necessary) never take more than one day off in a row. They can always tell themselves "Tamika will be in tomorrow, no worries!" I actually pride myself in being needed (not to this extent sometimes), but I'd much rather be needed than dispensable. Not everyone can do what I do!
So I'm here today, and off again tomorrow! Woohoo! I have so many things to get done, and I can really only knock one thing off the list... Tamika Day outfit has been confirmed! Everything else is only a distant thought. I should make a list or something, keep myself focused and on track. I need to Finish/start my Christmas shopping, (can I *Chandler Bing* BE any later on this?) But I'll have it together... hopefully. I need to make this reservation... (hold please, gonna do that now actually). I didn't like the outcome of that, I need a Plan B :(. See, this is why you should NOT procrastinate.. lesson learned!
Update: the stockings have been hung (by the chimney with care...lol). But no really, J hung the stockings this weekend. My sweet Kai is taking a picture for me right now and sending it, so it'll be posted shortly... 

The day has slipped away from me and I have to go now, but I'll chat with you again on Thursday when I'm back at work!

Thanks for the pic Kai... that's my peace!

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