Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Resolve to...

Happy Wednesday All! With the New Year right around the corner, I think now is a good time to make some resolutions! *cue Aaliyah song here* "We need a resolution...." Anywhoozle, I'm not usually one to make New Year's Resolutions. I think if something needs to be altered, why wait until January 1st to start the change? But seeing as how New Year's is right around the corner, I think I could think of a few things that I could work on myself...

1. Procrastination- I am a serious procrastinator. I seriously feel I work better under the pressure, but I also feel I'd be more efficient if I gave myself ample time to get things completed. I've been trying to be a "Jules like" list maker for a minute now, to no avail. Maybe she hogged that portion of the gene pool and there was nothing left for me.... dang it Jules! Still I am going to resolve to not be a procrastinator

2. Take better care of myself- Maybe this needs to be broken down into subtexts...
  • Eat better- it's more than just losing weight... it's about my health, my skin, my energy level. I want to be healthier and thinner (of course). I canNOT with the extra 30 lbs anymore! I deserve better for myself
  • Workout- this black woman, black hair thing is really holding me back. But in the long run, the grander scheme of things, I have to do what's best for my body... not my hair! (*cue*) "I am NOT my hair" (but I SO am though!) I love my hair :(   *sighs*
  • Get more Tam Time- How often do I make time for me?! I must admit, I've gotten better with this in the last few months. I cant let those kids make me feel so obligated to wait on them hand and foot. I will fix dinner and your plates, but you pour your own drink, get your own ketchup as I sit and eat... yea, its that bad! They are all grown enough to handle those things. I do not have toddlers running around the house, so why am I doing all the work? It had to start small for me in that way, now on to bigger things like leaving them home as I go out to enjoy my day ALONE sometimes. They do NOT own me or all of my time. I am allowed Tam Time! And I resolve to take more of it.
3. Choose my words more carefully- This is big for me. I am a "no nonsense" kinda girl. I mean what I say and I say what I mean, usually pretty unapologetic. But sometimes it is not the nicest possible way to get things done. Sometimes I just don't have time for pleasantries. "You know I love you, so don't take what I say so personally" is my stance on things. But I have to remember we are human (sensitive) and if I love you, I would choose a better way to communicate so that it doesn't possibly hurt you. And I do! So I will! I resolve to be a little nicer (now, don't go expecting me to turn into a complete wuss, but... I will soften my tone some). I feel I have already taken the intention out of this resolution with my own doubt, but work with me now people! I will resolve to try and choose my words more carefully. LOL

I think this is enough resolve for one New Year. I don't want to overwhelm myself with too much work, only to set myself up for failure. I am going to get these few things under control and see how I turn out at the end of 2012... I hope we all can take a look at ourselves and see what could be worked on, not just for the New Year but for everyday of every year.

What are some of your resolutions?

That's my peace!

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