Monday, December 5, 2011

The Goose is Getting Fat (headed)!

Happy December 5th everyone! There is no relevance to December 5th (sorry if I caused you any confusion)... but this is the day that the Lord has made, REJOICE REJOICE! :) Happy Monday! And I am legitimately happy today. Not the "I am choosing to be happy but I'm really in the pits" kinda happy either. I had a good weekend that involved quality time with my girls, my family and my J... it was just full and wonderful. And I am well rested to have a wonderful Monday. I hope you all are doing the same. Or maybe some of my JOY can rub off on you, here's hoping!

But it really is December already, and that means Tamika Day is coming! I will be 29 in 20 days and... wow! Having a Christmas Birthday is not easy. I really truly believe I am scarred for life. But after overcoming my "so what it's my birthday" blues, I decided that I am going to celebrate it. I have never been happier in my life, and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate my day while I am this happy. Next year may not be this happy (although I am ALMOST positive it will be better)... I am usually pretty bah humbug about my birthday, with it being on Christmas and all and I try to overcompensate for the celebration. But this year, I decided to keep it as simple as possible and not try to overload it with "things" just to attempt to make it wonderful. Although I haven't ironed out all the details yet, I've decided on dinner and a house party! I wanna get dressed up and go out to eat somewhere with a few of my friends and then (possibly a whole other day) be at home, cozy and have everyone I know and love celebrate Tamika Day just having a good time together. Sounds simple enough, right? Well I am expecting it to be a good old fashion simple fun time! Now all I need to do is figure out where I'm having this wonderful, "I'm all dressed up" dinner and what the theme of this "house party" is going to be (games?). I'm excited! And you BETTER be too! (that is an order). I refuse to allow Christmas (said with disdain) and now the NBA to overshadow Tamika Day! I am special!!! lol (and crazy apparently) Now, I hope to see you all at my house party, ok? And please feel free to bring a gift. If you read my blog regularly, I'm pretty certain you have an idea of the kinds of things I like... but just in case you feel lost, I'll help you out (haha, humor me)...

I like:
lip gloss
eye makeup
you can never fail w/ a gift card
otherwise, I'm sure you'll think of something! lol

Anywhoozle, aside from my birthday... Christmas is coming! "the goose is getting fat!" (and so is my head apparently). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas! I love the season, I love the jolly, the family time... I just wish it wasn't on the same day as my birthday! But who better to share the recognition of a birthday with than Jesus. So after I get Tamika Day out my system, I will delight in the joy of the holidays with everyone else. Christmas is at my Aunt Lisa's house, so no meal planning and confusion for me! Yay me! I hope everyone takes some time from the hoopla of presents and lights and Santa and remember to share that Jesus is the REAL reason for the season. In the spirit of the holidays, be kinder. Celebrate Jesus' Birthday by sharing his love, mercy and grace to those around you.

I hope the season treats you all well!

Ok, back to it being about me (teeheehee). I am going to think long and hard on Tamika Day plans and if you have any ideas on a nice (yet reasonable) restaurant, please feel free to share. For one day (ok, maybe a week), I'm gonna make it all about me. Follow suit...

Although not completely related,  today's blogging took my mind to this song... enjoy!

Happy Tamikadays!

That's my (big headed) piece!!!!

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