Thursday, March 21, 2013

Please Excuse My Crazy

So, it's been decided that... I'm crazy! This is information I know to be the truth and have come to accept over the years. As I've gotten older, I have embraced my crazy and used it to my benefit. Yes, sometimes my crazy gets me into trouble. Sometimes my crazy says and does things that should NOT be said or done... BUT (oh and what a big butt it has become these days) there are those momentous occasions where my crazy is SO genius and even I am impressed (and I am not easy to impress so I've been told). My crazy often allows me to do things some only can imagine only because they never possess enough "crazy energy" to see it through...

Recently, my crazy had a breakthrough! *thinks to myself* Baby Brawner will be here soon enough. I have to decide Godparents for my sweet boy, this is not a choice I can make lightly. I have had a friend or 2 or 3 possess interest in filling this position, but how do I decide? How do I choose the perfect Godparents for Baby Brawner? How do I gauge their commitment and at the same time make them aware of my expectations without appearing like I am giving them the 3rd degree? How do I make them aware of just how serious this is for me without it seeming like a lecture I would give to my 12 year old? How do I narrow down my options without the "loser" feeling like it was personal? .................................................................
......................................................................................... and that is how the Baby Brawner Godparent Application was formed in my mind. It started off (mildly) as a joke, for fun. But the more thought I put into it, the more I realized how interested I was in knowing how "the applicants" would respond. I now realize I want them to realize how serious this task is for me and not just go into it lightly. It is a job, an important one! I am entrusting you with some top secret, high level stuff here and you are going to require a special clearance. I NEED TO KNOW you are truly up to the task. I started off with only a few questions, I ran it by Jules, we laughed, she gave her input, I took it home, ran it by Mr. Brawner, he looked at me like I was crazy, tapped into his own crazy (I realized we don't agree on a LOT of issues, lol) I asked him topics that were important to him, I edited again (once, twice, thrice, 4 times!), I ran it by Jules, took it home over the weekend to get Mr. Brawner's approval and go over the score card, edited again based off Mr. Brawner's input... now here we are. The Baby Brawner Godparent Application is now completed and has been sent out into the world. I must say, it got much more positive feedback than I expected it would. What I realized... you guys are just as crazy! Or maybe I'm not as crazy as I think... nah! Y'all are just nuts right along with me. I hope you enjoy my application, I hope you take it, keep it, edit it as your own (the writer in me would appreciate the credit:), but PLEASE feel free to use it. I (LORD WILLING), will never need it again.

I pray God's guidance over my decision, please know that your answers (if you would like to apply seriously) will be taken seriously, but my decision will also be based from my heart, what I think will be best for Baby Brawner and mainly from a lot of prayer. Godparent is no small task... I am trusting you with the life of my child, in hopes that in my lack of presence he is in good hands. I am trusting you to love him as I love him, care for him as I care for him and support him as I would support him. Ok, that's all that I can say of my expectation without letting you in on the answers to the application. (maybe even that's too much) *considers edit* Shrugs! what the hey!!! I hope no one assumed I was looking for someone to just put up with Baby Brawner and barely love him, family is MAJOR important to me! But, fill it out as you see fit, prepare to sit in front of a panel for interview in front of myself, Mr. Brawner(I refer to him as Mr. Brawner throughout the app because that is what I call him in real life), Jules, Kai and maybe a few other important family officials.

This will be serious, but so funny at the same time... please excuse my crazy! But it's how I get through life.

I wonder will the application post correctly here??? I can't figure a way to post my pdf as a clickable link... not so blog savvy am I?

You can be crazy and still have PEACE! I am living proof...

Love, Tam

Interested in viewing the Baby Brawner Godparent Application? Post your email and I will send it to you!

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