Thursday, October 25, 2012


Happy almost Friday! Today is Thursday, October 25th, 2012... exactly 2 months before my huge leap into thirtyhood. And I have to say I am excited about it. I am usually the anxiety queen, a lot of situations make me anxious. Especially the ones that have to do with commitment. I try to keep this little known fact about me just that, little known. But why not put it out there? I am always anxious. Public speaking, crowds, walking into a room after other people are already settled... I just don't like the experience of all eyes on me. I am sure to trip over my own feet, the curb, or any non thing. It's just me, clumsy Tam! But as I've gotten older, I no longer feel embarrassment. So what I tripped, I'm still awesome! :) If only anxiousness and embarrassment went hand in hand. These situations still cause me great anxiety. I nearly hyperventilated changing my facebook page to "in a relationship with..." And the walk to the post office to mail off my wedding invitations was like the longest walk across the street ever! I overreacted on all  these "no backsies" moments that come to mind. Poor Mr. Brawner thought I didn't want to marry him, I was seriously having the shakes standing up there. But sorry boo, it wasn't you... it was all those other people who were staring into my back. I could barely feel my legs underneath me. I am thankful I didn't fall over, and even more thankful I was able to get through my vows. Talk about public speaking... *wipes forehead* But as I hear, I pulled it off without a hitch! I don't think anyone (but Jerry) knew I was shaking uncontrollably. Yay me!

But alas, here it is... 30 staring me straight in the face. I refuse to be anxious about this, though. No matter the situation, I realize I always get through them. Often so glamorously, I have to wonder why I even got myself so worked up to begin with. So here I am. Awesome me, good life, loving family, great friends... my husband is amazing, my kids are as good as you can really expect kids to be. Life is just as it should be. Who am I to question or be anxious about 30? I am excited for it! I can't wait for 30 to come... I have this feeling it's gonna be the best year for me and I don't even know why. I just feel really good about it. I don't know what more I can ask for from my life right now. I am living my peace!
this is my fav sweater that Angie P gave me for
my Christmas Birthday 2 years ago!

So I am going to coin this term for you right here, right now... #YOTTO! You Only Turn Thirty Once! I gotta make it good. LOL! When am I ever going to be at this place in my life again? When am I gonna be this moment's Tam? Never again! So YOTTO it is! I promise not to get too out of control for this birthday! Just some good ole classic 30 year old fun. My sis and I have a little something coming up for a few of my lady friends. It's sure to be a good time. I'll let you in on it a little later... but the invitations should be going out pretty soon! I am so excited about everything that has to do with my turning thirty. I'm plotting a ladies' night in, brunch, a dinner and maybe a game party or something to bring it all together. Not too much, right? Then I'm going to make my husband take me on a MUCH DESERVED vacation! #YOTTO for sure!
I promise to keep you all updated on all that's going down. I try to pic document in the process.

I love this skirt, I got it from a consignment shop
in Bethesda, MD... perfect summer/fall skirt!

Part of my turning 30, was looking more put together. I never go around looking like any old thing, but some mornings when I get dressed for work I really don't care. No face, barely matching, no real accessorizing.... but that life is for the birds! I can't start falling apart now, life is just beginning for me. 30 is when I should be having it together and looking like it. So I have been making it a point to look like my true, mature woman self in the work place. Can't have the office thinking they better than me just cause I look only half decent. I am doing them a disservice not showing them my awesome self, but I feel like I have been doing better as of late. No more walking out the house "faceless" (except yesterday, when I was pretty much running away from Kai in the house... had to get out of there fo" I did her in!) shame I had to sacrifice my face cause that girl was driving me crazy, but I survived it and thankfully so did she. But yea, work Tam has been doing better...
animal print is one of my
favorite things. I have to work
on not overdoing it

this is Me today! (that's a lot of leg out),
Mr. Brawner bought me these gray booties
last Fall! I actually wrote a blog about
them! Shoe Dreams Come True :)

minimal animal print scarf, with my fav boots and
a skirt I borrowed from my mom years ago!
Never getting this back Gigi! :)

As you can see I LOVE my cognac Aldo boots... I actually bought those October 25, 2008! Can you believe that? I've had those boots for exactly 4 years and they are stick pushing! :)

Here's to aging gracefully like my Aldo boots! #YOTTO!

That's my "30" peace! Love, Tam :)

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  1. Happy Be-early Birthday! I never notice how anxious you are because you're always fierce. You looked amazing at your wedding and your vows made everyone there want to get married or remarried and have you write theirs. Maybe you just work extremely well under pressure. Oh... and "no backsies" moments ARE the scariest things in life.