Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sharing Peace

This year is just flying by! It is already October... can you believe it? As much as I would appreciate time slowing down a bit, I'm glad Fall is here. Sorry to all you Summer lovers, I appreciate the Summer fun but my heart belongs to Fall. It's just something about the Fall season and all the accessorizing options it offers. Hats, scarves, tights, boots, jackets, oh the colors... everything! I just love the whole season!
If you know me, you also know how much I LOVE accessories. Earrings, bracelets, rings (my ring wearing has kinda fallen off since I got engaged/married, but I still love them just the same). Accessories just put the finishing touch on any outfit. A great blinged out stud earring can turn a jeans and a tee outfit from drab to fab! Add awesome bangles to it and... well, do you wanna be the girl with bangles or without them? lol, I can't even leave the house without earrings on. More often than not, I keep them on in the house until bedtime. And just as much as I love Fall and accessories, I LOVE to share. I grew up with a sister, so sharing has never been a problem for me. Even now, my sisters and I share all the time (Jules has the best stuff! She is like the Queen of Awesome Shoes). I can't even begin to count the number of times I've visited the Jules' Boutique and borrowed something fabulous. And Nae's Boutique is getting much better as she gets older. Isn't is just awesome that I wear the same size shoe as both my sisters? Lucky me! And let Jules or Nae or Angie covet something I have... just that simple, I can take it off and part with it and vice versa. With Jules and Nae, I can count on getting it back one day though...
(Sidenote: I am so proud of Angie's recent display of giving. She had on a gold bangle that I admired and she took it off and gave it to me. This is a big step for Angie the Indian (no offense to the Indians) giver. She was an only child growing up, sharing is tough for her. Let's pray for her and also congratulate her on her growth.)
Anywhoozle... I find joy in seeing someone love and appreciate something I've given them. And it really makes me smile when someone compliments something I have. What's that called? It's not bad, is it? I wouldn't consider it vain though, right? It's normal, who wouldn't like being complimented? It just makes me feel some kinda good to hear "I love your earrings!" "Your bracelet is just too cute!" And I am not one to keep all the goodies to myself. If I find something awesome, I am going to share it. Although I don't want the world to know all my trade secrets, but I am a frugal accessory shopper and I find good things for the low. I don't need it to have any one's name on it, I just need it to be hot. And tell me it doesn't feel ultra good when someone admires something you have, knowing you got the best deal??? Is it just me? "Oooh, girl! I got this for the low! You like it? Me too!" ;)

Lately, I've been coming across a lot of good finds. Yes, I have a shload of amazing friends that I could share these treasures with... but I'd like to think a friendship with me is a gift in itself... (lol maybe that was kinda vain, I kid). I'd also like to think all of you are my friends now too. I pour my heart, my life, my all into A Peace of Tam and I appreciate you being here with me, sharing in my peace. So seeing as how it is in my nature to share with my friends, I'd like to share something with one of you as well.

here's me wearing the bracelet
I gave to Jules!

I love my newest addition to my bracelet collection. I recently found these cross bracelets, and I bought a couple for myself... but how many cross bracelets does one girl need, really? I recently let one go to Jules, she happened to come over the day it arrived at my house. It came, she saw, she admired... I parted with it. I did wear it around the house for an hour or two before I gave it away, but I know it's in a better place now. It has a good home and I know she's taking extra good care of it, so I'm happy.

Here is the pretty new colorful beaded cross bracelet just
for you! Good luck!!!
But... I have another one I love too! And I'd like to have a giveaway for one of my readers. I want to share my peace all around, and today that includes sharing a piece of something I love. If you'd like to win my other new cross bracelet, just simply "Like" my NEW page A Peace of Tam on Facebook (click on the link). Also, comment here or on this post on A Peace of Tam's FB wall telling me some thing you love to share and why. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 10th.

That's my "first giveaway" peace! Love, Tam

Good Luck!

"And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." ~Hebrews 13:16


  1. I want this multicolored one too! I'll enter if no one else wants it!! :)

    1. Jules you are exempt, sorry. You can just come over and borrow mine.

  2. Ohhh this is so cool! **thinking of what I can give away!** lol! I love to share my love of cooking! I love to cook for my family and friends and maybe I'm being vain, but I love the "ohhh that was so good!" or when they suggest I make something for a gathering because they love it so much. It's like a warm feeling that comes into my heart. ;-) Like your friend Angie, I was an only child (girl) growing up for a longgg time... so it took me some getting used to when I had to share with my brothers/step-bro&sis... maybe it's because they TOOK stuff instead of asking for it. LOL!

    1. lol, I won a giveaway and it made me really want to do it. I think I may do it once a month... maybe once a season since I don't blog as often anymore. Thanks for entering. GOOD LUCK @MissKi!!!

  3. I love to share my time, presence and listening skills. Many times hear my family, friends, and associates say, "Thanks for just being here", "Thanks for coming", "Thanks for staying to listen to me vent", and "I'm glad you were here". Each time, I never really felt as though I was doing anything to enhance a situation until they expressed their gratitude. I love to volunteer and help anyone I am able to. I've been told that I'm a very giving person but I just do onto others as I would want others to do onto me.