Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hey y'all! What's going on? You know sometimes I start off a post having no clue what I'm going to discuss... well, this is one of those times.

I have since gone and read a friend of mine's blog, where she discussed the incident on the bus when a bus driver uppercuts a young woman who he was having a verbal altercation with. I have avoided looking at this video since last week, but MissKi had it right there and my brother was talking about it last night. So I could no longer resist... I should have!

I commented my feelings about the video on MissKi's post, but I want to elaborate a little...
 She was definitely doing too much! She was wrong on so many levels. What woman? (if we can even call her that) acts like that? People (especially females) like that, bug the heck out of me. Go sit down somewhere. What's going on in your life that the spotlight, ugly or not, needs to be on you? (this past Sunday's message on PRIDE is ringing loudly in my mind, a blog for another day maybe). What can someone say to get that kind of reaction out of you? Why aren't people taught to walk away from such situations? And especially in her case... Be a lady, act like a lady, speak like a lady! I reiterate to my daughter all the time, that if nothing else... (second to being a child of God) carry yourself like a lady! Especially out in public. I am worried for our future, that a woman thinks it's ok to act like this on a bus. Where was her class, standards for herself?

But aside from her behavior... He was DEAD wrong! He is a man and the same advice goes to him. Be a man! A grown one... ignore foolishness, be mature. She appeared to be a child, (I've since found out she was 25) but he should've been the bigger person. In actuality he was the, literal, bigger person. He was a man, she was a woman. And although she appeared to put her hands on him, she was in no way a physical threat to him. Yes, she was wrong. Yes, she got what she deserved. But he should've been more mature, ignored her, offered her some grace. Also, like a tell my daughter (and if I'm honest, I am working on myself)... Someone in the situation HAS to do the right thing. You can't count on the other person to be more mature, to do the right thing, to be responsible, so guess what? It's your responsibility! He's just as wrong as she was. It could've been handled better, it should've been. And as the authority, it was his responsibility. Just imagine how he would look if in that same situation, he would've practiced some restraint. Had she been the only one going off and being foolish, he would look like a saint right now. But no, he acted a fool as well. Now, he is suspended from his job all because he argued with a fool. He could have easily pulled the bus over, called the police. She was being a clear danger to the bus, it's driver and the passengers. Had he been responsible, she really would have been going to jail... all by herself. But now, he has to defend his actions and try to come out looking innocent. What she did is no longer the real issue, just his "over" reaction. And yes, I say OVER... it wasn't necessary. Was it warranted and justified? Maybe. But that doesn't take away from it being crazy, ridiculous and wrong. :( 

“Never argue with a fool.  Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference “ –Mark Twain. Which one of them is the fool in this situation?

I always think to myself, if someone recorded my actions, reactions, and responses every day and then played them back to me at the end of the day, would I be ashamed of what I saw? Would I be disappointed in the Tam I carried myself as? They are going to look back at this, and have to account for their actions... sad, sad day.

What say you?

That's my peace! Love, Tam


  1. YIKES! I don't want to see what I look like on a day-to-day... I know I can be over the top plenty of times! Maybe I'll think about this the next time my little tea pot get starts to boil! "Non violent, non violent" isn't that what you say?! LOL! I appreciate your view on this. :-)

    1. I too need to check, and then recheck myself. I say "non violent, non violent" in my head, but thats not always the reaction folk get once they've pushed the worng button. But always a work in progress! Sometimes I impress myself with how patient I can be. There is hope! :)

  2. You are the only one who shares my exact view point. How far we've fallen as a people, that we would commend his behaviors? Both were wrong but I held the driver to a larger standard. He was a man first, her elder, and last but not least the driver and person in charge of the bus. As wrong as she was and she was his failure seemed greater to me.

    1. YES!!! He has so much more to lose than her too. She was just some crazy, hood rat chick from off the street. He HAD a job, and possibly lost it because he let her bring him down... Her life misery just found some company! smh. He was given a test and FAILED major