Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Making it (work)!

I feel like I have been neglecting you. I'm so sorry, but its not my fault... I have been sick as a dog! (I never understood that expression). Anywhoozle... I have not been (am not) feeling very well. I'm here today attempting to function, pretty much "faking it, til I make it". But my body is calling me "Stupid" right now, because truthfully I should still be at home in bed. Or better yet... on my couch with J watching Dragon Ball Z! :) So I apologize if I've been MIA in 2012, but charge it to my head (aches), not my heart! Does it make you feel better that as I was laying on my deathbed (exaggerated for dramatization lol), I was thinking about how I haven't blogged in almost a week and (although near death) I was super tempted to try and access it from my phone, but the ache in my fingers just wouldn't allow it. Maybe it was for the best, I did need the rest...

I feel like there should be some updates or something, but all seems to be on an even keel. I appreciate the calm, but that doesn't make for great blogging. And hopefully, it isn't the calm before the storm! *fingers crossed*. But seriously, other than being near death this weekend, all has been unexciting, calm, pretty quiet... its been peaceful. :)
Kai barely excited about dinner
with her mom @ Carolina Kitchen
Well, I did find out I need to incorporate the movies into my quality time with Kai... that girl! I am working on giving her individualized time, but she is super picky on how we spend that time together. It's like, if it wasn't at the movies than it doesn't count! Of course, I don't feel like this is fair. I spent time with you running errands, getting ice cream, even going to dinner. But if I don't incorporate the movies into this schedule, its like it may as well never even happened. I am going to suck it up (only cause J suggested) and get over my dislike of movie theaters (especially to watch kids movies) and take one for the team. I hear her! This is what she wants to do, this would be me speaking her love language and because I love her, I am willing. But, really? Never satisfied! One day she will have her own little Ikaia to deal with, then she'll see... I look forward to the day when she has to deal with a little version of herself.

my DIY nails (pink & cheetah print)
I was looking at my nails the other day and noticing how well manicured they were. (pretty much I was so sick, I couldn't see past my own hand to focus on anything else). But I was thinking just how nice they were looking and how I have been keeping up with getting them done/doing them myself. If you know me, this wasn't really me... I am not a nail girl. Or I didn't used to be. Do you guys remember when it all started? In my Banana Clips, Polish and Body Snatchers post I went on about how I polished my nails (silver that day) in an attempt to be more girly. And I've been devotedly having them done since then. Sometimes I fall off for a few days, or I take some time and just do them myself. But more than not, I have had polished nails since that post in early October.. whoop whoop to me! When I commit to something, I am on it!

that's my sick face! Eyes were
watering and my nose was running 

Since we've looked back to that post, I must also note that I've been wearing my natural hair more times than not as well. And as far as I'm concerned, I've had some pretty decent natural hair days! (I really should be documenting). The banana clip is now my friend and I've finally gotten J to accept it... he says "babe you're beautiful and do whatever you have to do!" In which he's referring to the fact that my natural hair makes for better working out hair. So overall, he's accepted it cause either I'm fat with straight hair or deal with the curly fro and watch me get skinny... his vote is for the latter

hair, nails and my pretty J ring

About that... I have not worked out since I've been sick. Saturday morning was the last time. Trust me, I would have if I could have. But it was just NOT happening. No one would have found me for hours if I  fell out dead in the basement. I weighed my options, and figured it was just not worth it. I actually think it would have done more harm than good. But I promise to make every effort possible to do it this evening. Remember I am currently still just faking it til I actually make it. And am not yet feeling 100%. I would gauge myself at about 55% and that just doesn't seem like enough to force myself onto the treadmill. One plus though, I haven't been pigging out like a crazy since I've had very little appetite. So although I've been quite inactive, I have at least balanced it with good eating. (Aside from the homemade steak and cheeses we had for dinner Monday night, but ignore that). Anywhoozle... alls well so far. I am still unsuccessfully planning a wedding. When I make some headway or get somewhere, I'll be sure to let you in on it. But so far, not much of anything to report. Good thing I only plan to do this once! and if I had not, I'm sure not planning to do it again after all this!

Happy Wednesday all! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Hump Day!  

That's my (all over the place) peace...

Love, Tam

a sick girl's lunch for the day

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