Friday, January 13, 2012

Insensitive Much?

Happy Friday... I am having an "up and down" moment right now.

I am having a good day, aren't I? I've got no worries. I am living my happy life, got up on the right side of the bed (the only side since Jerry redecorated), and I am in a good mood. Until...

Ever just broke up with your boyfriend or was having problems, then had someone (who knows you're hurting) uninvitedly rave on and on about their current love? "He and I are doing this and he bought me that and I just love it when... blah blah blah".
Well that's how I feel right now!

The whole boyfriend thing is just an unrelated example. Is it going too far as to say it's like telling a recovering alcoholic the fun time you had getting wasted over the weekend? Either way you want to slice it... I am feeling some kind of way about something and yet, folk insist on coming up to me and going on and on about what's going on in their world not thinking how it may be affecting me. I am not a hater, I am just hurting. I want them to feel the same joy they feel, but come on now! I don't need to hear all the details of your excitement, especially when I am not getting to feel the same joys. Do I take it as a growing experience, suck it up and get over it? Or do I tell them? How do I tell them?
I think I may need to say something for my own good, or else I am likely to backslide into a funk.

Pray for me


  1. Okay just my opinion. You take it as a growing experience, and learn how to separate those feelings. If this is someone you call your friend and have Love for, why not be happy for them? Telling a friend something like that would seem a little selfish.

  2. I think you should tell them...not that you aren't happy, it's just something you can't handle right now. The truth will always be the truth. So don't fake.

  3. I am happy for them. I listen and smile and am genuinely happy for them. But the topic of conversation is painful for me. They are not really my friend, and if they were... I'd be able to just say "talking about that hurts me". it is a coworker, who knows the situation and is just caught up in their own happiness to consider it may be tough on me