Wednesday, January 18, 2012


hey today. Today is one of those days where A Peace of Tam isn't the platform for the feelings I need to express. And the sad part, I don't even know what the real root of the problem is. I know it's just one of those "internal me problem" days and eventually I'll shake it off. Something isn't going the way I quite hoped it would and something else just doesn't quite feel right. I know I'm making little to no sense right now, but... it be's like dat sometimes!
Priorities, decisions, emotions, disappointments... it's just one of those days and work is not helping. Maybe I'm coming down off the "ovulation" high, hahaha. I have a "period tracker" app on my phone and it tells you the days you are fertile (I am not tryna keep up with my fertility, just documenting Aunt Flo's visitation), but the tracker also tells you the days you are fertile and ovulating. And I found that I am a little more chipper the week that I am fertile, is this happen chance or nature? I'm sure my pleasant demeanor makes me a little more attractive, therefore encouraging procreation... yes? Far fetched?
But anywhoozle, the ovulation high has come to an end, until next month... but no, really, why do I feel like crap? It has to be more than my coworkers driving me the usual crazy (even though its more than the usual). Maybe it's cause it's Wednesday. I need to go back and see how last Wednesday went, maybe there's a pattern. I just want to know these things so I'm prepared for next time. If I can get to the root of it, I fix it faster or possibly avoid it altogether.
Even though I'm in a funky mood, at least I have fun, vibrant nails to look at. I spent some time this past Sunday dolling up everyone's nails in the house (yes, even Kai!) My little tomboy let me do her nails. It only lasted all of 1 day, but it was there. I should have taken a picture, dag it! But I did get a pic of my own nails...

Two shades of pink and one funky zebra nail! fun fun! Ok, that's enough pretending for one day. I'm gonna sit here, eat my "80 calories in 5" crackers and hope 5 o'clock gets here soon, so I can get out of here! I'm actually looking forward to my commute home this evening. I am back to reading The Hunger Games... just a little skim through to refresh my mind of the details. BYOB this weekend 2 pm!!! Hope to see you there.
I hope the rest of this week speeds by, and I get myself out of this funk along the way. Enjoy your evening! That's my peace....
Love, Tam 

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