Monday, May 13, 2013

Let Me Take You My Way

I know I act like "it's my way or no way",
And it doesn't really seem like I care.
The old me wants to tell you to "take it or leave it,
Cause in reality life is not fair!"

I'd push you away before we even start out,
We wouldn't make it far past go
But that wasn't working and I wasn't happy
So the new me wants you to know...

"My way is the way that looks safe to me right now
Although I've never gone this way before.
I know it's the right way to get where we're going
I need you to trust my direction more.

It may not look like we're getting any place,
and we're taking the longer route.
We're walking in circles and climbing up hills
I hope to ease some of your doubt.

As we go my way we can talk and hold hands,
You laugh as I tell you jokes...
I'll smile at you as you walk with me
And discuss anything our journey evokes

Wont be too many thrills and no flashy lights,
But hopefully you'll be pleased to see.
That I am not the one leading our travels,
But it is God who is leading me.

HIS way is the one I desire to take,
I hope you're up for it too.
If we go where HE leads and follow HIS way,
HE is certain to bless what we do.

This way is not promised to be easy for us,
We must be prepared for the rain and bad weather.
But the sun will shine too and in the end it will be nice
Just the three of us walking together." :)

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