Monday, April 16, 2012

Ready or NOT?

Good morning gang! We can't keep going like this. We haven't spent any time together in awhile... I guess it's mostly me not posting but where have you guys been? I've been here and there and everywhere (not really), but you know! It's hard out here for a pimp (in this instance pimp being a soon to be married, mother of 5). I have just been super (not) busy doing a whole lot (of nothing) and not having much to chat about. I'm sorry my life has been so calm (has it?). But alas... here I am now. I've missed you so. How have you all been?

Guess what? I had a baby this weekend! :) Now hold your horses... I didn't birth this baby out, but I do have the honor of being godmommy to my awesome Ranberry (nicknamed to protect his identity, lol). But yes, he is awesome. This was our first time on official godparent duty. And I must say, J and I had a good time (god) parenting a baby. It helps that he is uber delightful, I don't think he "full cried" all weekend. He'd let out this "I'm not happy" sound and fuss a little, but never an all out cry. J enjoyed the time having Ran a little more than I did. Having 5 girls, it's not often we have another "man" in the house, so J found joy in not being the only guy around. When I first brought Ran home, J helped me by taking the carseat out my hands as I was walking in the door. Then it was all about Ran... I didn't get a hello, our routine kiss, not a "hey boo!"... nothing. He unstrapped Ran, picked him up, then went and sat down in the chair with him. I did NOT like! I am spoiled rotten apparently. Now I love Ran and I want J to love him too, and I hope they create their own bond... but HELLO! Don't forget about me in the process. Yes, I was over there pouting too! This was just the first 30 minute exchange, I eventually recovered. J handed the baby off to one of our baby obsessed daughters and came over and loved on me. But I was NOT happy at first. Ran was about to be dropped back off, lol j/k!!! I own my spoiledness... it's his fault. He's ALWAYS put my love on top. That was just a shock to my system. I eventually adjusted, then I fell in love with him more just watching him with Ran... excuse my moment of J adoration, but it was HOT! I want him to be my baby's daddy one day :)
We quickly got into the flow of parenthood, enjoyed our weekend with 6 kids. I abandoned J and most of the kids (the youngest ones, Ran included) for a bit to go on a hunt for a white dress for my mystery May 6th date (I'll explain later cause I really don't have much info myself to go into detail). And before I knew it, the weekend came to an end and here I am at work. Happy Monday! Over all it was a good weekend. Quality time with J and the kids, got to see my sis and her kids twice... (it's the meet spot for me and my baby mama, Ran's mom) and got to get dressed and go out to see J play. I learned lots... are we Ready or not to add a baby to our tribe? NOT! J has spoiled me rotten and now he has to deal with the aftermath, we should spend some QT, just us after-marriage/ pre-baby so that I get my J fill before a baby comes along and steals it all away, and... our other 5 kids are both a blessing and CRAZY! They were so baby obsessed that poor Ran barely got anytime to himself to just be a chilling baby, but also... although we had Ran, we also got to have moments where we just enjoyed each other because we have 5 super willing baby sitters... poor Ranberry! "I want to hold him now!" "Is he awake? Can I wake him." "Maybe he wants his paci, maybe he wants me to pick him up, maybe you should change his diaper." "I'll carry his stuff, I'll carry him too." "I'll tie my arms in a knot and jump on my head... anything for Ran!" Kai: "Where's my baby? I'll take him now, thanks!"hahaha, they were NUTS... so special! Gotta love 'em! I think J and I decided not right away. Right now, we'll just be happy godparents.

In other news... wedding planning is coming along nicely. I have 3 of the 5 bridesmaid's dresses at my house. Jules (always on top of her game) has her dress and shoes. (Nae also, but that's my work so it doesn't count). The others... let's not get into it. I am trying to maintain my Bridezilla! :) I am trying really hard to make this fun for myself, but the process is so NOT FUN! My motivation? A happy J at the end of the aisle and day! I just want to give him his every desire, even if it stresses the heck out of me. It won't kill me and it'll be worth it (?) hahaha, if he isn't super cheesy at the end of the day come June 3rd... I'm gonna kill him! :)

So, alls I know... Jules sent me a message telling me to keep May 6th available and to wear a white dress. I went out looking for this white dress, and let me tell you... not the easiest of tasks! Tis the season for florals and rainbows and bright colored dresses. White? not so much. After finding out about my frustrations, it changed to any color (except blue)???? as long as its solely one color. Then, it changed to get whatever you want! HOW IN THE WORLD does it go from strict rules, to some rules "except blue", to NO RULES whatsoever??? I am so confused. At the end of the day, I found a white dress and I just hope Jules and all the conspirators are happy. I do not like being left in the dark, I do have a small bit of a control problem. And I don't have ANY control of this! Just imagine the anxiety I am feeling right now. *sighs* But truth be told, Jules has her own control issues and this is just another way for her to control me! You can have this one, but I always come out on top! *in my Pippi Longstocking voice* hahahaha. He who laughs lasts, laughs laughs!!! (like the kids say... insidey, ha!) Anyways... enjoy your day! I'm out!

That's my peace! Love, Tam


  1. Spangie AKA SpangtasticApril 16, 2012 at 2:49 PM

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!! Ranberry?? ...Thats beyond funny, but as cute as it is funny !!

    About these bridemaids of yours?? They NEED to get it together! You need to crack a whip or something !! HA!!

    All white huh?!?!?!? hmmmmmmmmm

  2. :) Ranberry, cute huh? lol Like a Cranberry, he's just so juicy and cute!

    *whoooopppssssshhhhh* That is my best craacking whip expression. (I shoulda googled it, lololololololol!!!) Boss Bride is about to be in FULL EFFECT! Get it together Spangie AKA Spangtastic. (Funny thing, in my unedited blog I named you specifically. But then I decided that was kinda rude...ha!) Now I regret editing your name out.

    Yea, all white! tell me what you know!!!!! lol