Friday, March 30, 2012

Updates and More!

First off... Good Morning and Happy Friday! I love FRIDAY!!! I love my weekends, I love time with my family and friends... the work week just doesn't allow enough time for the good stuff. Nothing compares to a good weekend. I can't say I have anything planned for this one and it feels good!

Last weekend, I got to see The Hunger Games with my sisters and our girls J1 and Kai. We had a good time, and for the record... The Hunger Games was AWESOME! I really liked it a lot. Like all book-to- movie movies, it was NOT nearly as amazing as the book, but it was still very enjoyable, I recommend it to all whether you read the book or not! I think they did a great job portraying each character (except for Peeta). In my mind, from reading the book, I pictured him being much more attractive. I envisioned him as attractive as Gale, just more pretty and less rugged than Gale. I don't appreciate the movie killing that for me but casting a leprechaun as Peeta! I want to write someone and complain. Is that superficial? But it's hard for me to be Team Peeta after seeing the movie. I like 'em tall myself... but that's my own issue. He loved Katniss and that's important... I suppose :) I loved little Rue's character... she was so cute. In the book, they described District 11 residents as having dark/brown skin but that did not necessarily make them black for me (idk why) but I guess it wasn't just me. Unlike some others, I was happy to see Rue, Thresh and Cinna portrayed as black people. There have been stories about certain people not appreciating Rue, Thresh and Cinna as being casted as black...this is riDONK! But I guess this is still how some people are.. racist! How can the color of someone's skin "ruin" the movie for you? I am not gonna let other people's ignorance take away from my experience! I enjoyed the movie MUCHO :)
(I wish we'd taken some time from our enjoyable day to snap some photos, but 1. it was raining and 2. we were so busy just enjoying the moments that we didn't stop to capture them...) I did make shirts for the girls especially for our movie outing (I'll try and take after the fact pics and post them) Kai was in a "Team Peeta" shirt, J1 in a "Team Gale" shirt and Nae was the "Girl on Fire". We had fun! Go out and see the movie, you will not regret it.

Another update: in my Die Trying!!! post, I wrote about beginning a juice fast after seeing the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Well... that lasted one day! I bought the juicer, used the juicer, cleaned up the gigantic mess from the juicer, washed the juicer out then put it back in the box. I can NOT commit to cleaning that thing out after every use! It was a mess and a half! AND I feel like I wasted perfectly good fruit. A pound of fruit only to get an ounce of juice (not literally, but close). It was just too much work. I don't know if it was the particular juicer I had or what! but I know myself and I can't do it. *shakes head* I hope not to discourage any one else, but I just know it wasn't for me. After an almost arrest at Walmart thanks to J (lol, long story), I have since returned the juicer... the refund hit my account earlier this week. I needs that! I am currently back on the GM's Diet just to get back on task (not as committed this time though). I have been majorly cheating. Not majorly, but when I cheat, I cheat badly. Day 1. I did the all fruit during the day all day, then when I got home for dinner I had Chick-Fil-A.. shame on me. Day 2 (yesterday) I did the all veggies all day, then for dinner I had salmon patties, brown rice, mac n cheese and asparagus (big time cheat!) Today is fruits and veggies... so far so good, but it's still early. Please don't use me as a good example on this, this time. The first time I did it, I was super committed and I did it fair and square all the way out. This time, I'm doing against my own will and better judgement so I am less committed. But at least I am owning up to it. If you do it, do better than I am doing this time! It really was worth the 10 lbs I lost! Where I was down 5 lbs by morning of Day 3 last time, I am only down 2 lbs this time, still pretty good if I say so myself! *sticks out tongue* I'll do better for the rest of the cleanse though, no more big time cheats!

Any other updates? Wedding? Do we even want to talk about that? I'll make it brief... it's coming along. Bridesmaid dresses ordered, shoes picked out and should be ordered soon. Venue, caterer (went to the tasting last Sunday... yum), photographer... all handled. Right now, I am searching and plotting on decorating and centerpieces and such! I am documenting much of my ideas and finds on pinterest. Wish me luck! I am hoping to DIY a lot of my decorations in order to add a touch of Tam to the wedding and to save on cost, plus I think it'll be fun!.

(What I was feeling yesterday, but never posted...) 
Ever just feel like you should be doing something more? I feel like there is something I should be doing in my life, but I'm clearly not doing it. I go through my life for Tamika (J, the kids, my family and friends). I do what needs to be done for my own life. Work, family, bills... but there is something else calling me. I love my life and the people in it more than I could ever explain, but I am craving more.
I want to be committed to doing something that is helping someone else. Living my own life just isn't enough anymore. I feel something tugging at my heart, but I just can't place it. I am going to pray that God shows me what it is He would have me to do. I know anything I try on my own or plan in my own mind and strength, will not be nearly as fulfilling as doing whatever God is calling me to do. I feel "out of position." I feel it with an urgency and I seriously want MORE! Pray for me as I pray for myself. Thanks!

That's my peace! Love, Tam

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