Friday, April 20, 2012


Good Afternoon good people! Happy Friday!

I am here today with a specific message, so I won't keep you long. I started to just post this as a Facebook post, but realized it deserved a little more finesse than that...

As all of you should know, I am getting married in less than 2 months. I sent out the invitations just yesterday (I won't even get into the anxiety the walk to the post office brought on, maybe I will later)... but some of you will have the honor of receiving an invite in the mail soon. I never dreamed of the details of a wedding before, but now that's it's going on I am excited and I can't wait to experience this moment in my life. I love J and I love the people that I've invited to the wedding and I can't wait for you all to join me to witness and celebrate my union with J. In saying that... I am inviting YOU to the wedding. My lovely grandmother made the beautiful invitations for me, thanks grandma. And with the invitation, there is a return RSVP card that gives the impression that you have the option to bring a guest... :) You don't! Unlike J, I don't mind playing the bad guy, so I am going to simply let you know how I really feel. I intend for my wedding to be a small, intimate affair with the people I love and care for most. I can't invite everyone and as much as I'd like you to have your (current) boo thang on your arm and for the world to witness the much anticipated union of J and Tam... no haps! So unless your invite said "Mr. & Mrs." or "You & Guest" then more than likely, your date is NOT invited. I hope it isn't too much to ask for you to leave your boo thang (and KIDS) at home for this one evening. 
If J had it his way... after the wedding, any old Tom and Dick can show up to dance and celebrate and "who cares if they don't have a seat or some food." Well, I do care. As much as I wish I was big baller, shot caller... I'm not and I'd like for everyone attending to enjoy themselves, eat, drink and dance or sit if they so choose!

I really would just like to keep the ceremony and reception as cozy and intimate as possible. I love J and yes, our marriage and wedding is a celebration and I intend to PARTY... it's just that it's more like a VIP party with a big, buff security guard holding down access on the other side of a thick, red rope... not a house party. I hope everyone can understand and abide by my request.

It's my day (that I paid for), just do what I say! :)

I really am looking forward to this day and I hope to see YOU (not you and a guest) there!

Love ya!


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